Tesla talks Cybertruck coming to Canada, Rivian accelerates deliveries


Tesla talks Cybertruck coming to Canada, Rivian accelerates deliveries

Tesla is talking about soon bringing the Cybertruck to Canada while Rivian quickly accelerates deliveries in the market.

The automaker started delivering Cybertruck to customers in the US, primarily in Texas and California, late last year.

It has slowly started to expand throughout the US.

Generally, it takes a while for Tesla to expand to another market, generally Canada first, after launching in the US.

Rohan Patel, head of government affairs and business development at Tesla, was asked about the Cybertruck’s expansion in Canada on X and responded that it just requires some “routine paperwork” and it will happen “soon”:

Patel added when it was suggested that the delay is due to the Canadian government:

Work to do on both sides, to be honest. But it’s fairly standard stuff – we are pushing to get things done as fast as possible.

If this indeed happens soon, it will be one of the fastest expansion of a new vehicle for Tesla.

We did note that the Cybertruck production ramp seems to be happening fast right now.

Interestingly, just as Tesla plans to expand Cybertruck deliveries in Canada, Rivian decided to let its Canadian reservation holders, who have been waiting for a long time, know that they might be able to get delivery soon.

I’ve received this email last night:

We’ve been working hard to expand our network of Rivian Service Centers and can now deliver vehicles anywhere in the continental United States as well as Alberta, British Columbia, Ontario and Quebec.

Rivian currently only has 3 service centers in Canada: Calgary, Vancouver, and Toronto. It needs more to be able to expand deliveries, especially in Quebec.

The email mentions a 1-4 month delivery window and asks to “confirm order” though Rivian said that latter was a mistake in a follow-up email.

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