Tesla starts using Cybertruck as a mobile billboard – literally


Tesla has started using the Cybertruck as a literal mobile billboard as part of its advertising effort for the Model Y.

I have previously argued that ‘Tesla Cybertruck is a mistake turned marketing tool‘. A mistake not in the sense that the vehicle itself is bad but because of the fact that Tesla has been spending its development resources on it versus cheaper vehicles – resulting in a multi-year gap in growth.

As for the marketing tool part, the Cybertruck itself won’t contribute much to Tesla’s growth in EV deliveries, but it is being used to help maintain the sales of the automaker’s more high volume programs,

We reported that the unveiling of the Cybertruck alone already helped the sales of Tesla’s other vehicles by bringing people who were hearing about or getting interested in Tesla for the first time into the stores.

The Cybertruck rollout was also unique for Tesla. Before even starting deliveries, Tesla started to bring the vehicle in showrooms around the US. That’s unprecedented for Tesla. Again, it brought people into the showrooms, where Tesla tried to sell them its other electric vehicles.

Now, you can argue that it is still useful to have the Cybertruck in showrooms for reservation holders to come see it in person before moving forward with their orders.

However, Tesla even brought the Cybertruck to showrooms in Canada, where Tesla has yet to open orders.

Furthermore, the automaker brought Cybertruck on a tour in China and Japan, where we have no idea when or even if the Cybertruck will be available. The goal is again to bring people in stores and sell them Tesla’s other vehicles.

Tesla Cybertruck mobile billboard

Now, Tesla is using Cybertruck as a marketing tool in an even more direct way. The automaker unveiled a new mobile billboard with a real Model Y being carried around by a Cybertruck:

This is in line with Tesla’s foray into advertising that started last year after mostly resisting going into advertising prior.

Tesla has started to buy ad spaces on Google, Youtube, and X.

The automaker has also occasionally bought physical ad spaces in places like airports. But this might be the first time Tesla is doing a mobile billboard.

Electrek’s Take

This is smart. Cybertruck gets a ton of attention on the road. So much so that I’ve talked to a few owners who are already tired of it a few weeks into it.

But Tesla can take advantage of that. As people spot it and go, “Oh, it’s a Cybertruck,” they see the billboard for the Model Y right after. In the advertising business, that’s like an impression.

Furthermore, Tesla can even optimize the whole thing by making deliveries or service transport with the trailer. That way, resources (time and electricity) are not just used for advertising, but to also transport the Model Ys to their destinations.

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