Tesla spotted testing prototype with new camera setup


Tesla has been spotted testing a Model 3 prototype with what appears to be a new camera setup. Is Tesla preparing a new vision rig for its next vehicles?

While most other companies working on autonomous driving are using a wide array of sensors, inlvcuding cameras, radars, and lidars, Tesla was early to make the bet that it could achieve self-driving with its only sensors being cameras.

It hasn’t achieved it yet, but it is getting much closer lately.

However, many still have doubts that Tesla’s current array of cameras can deliver self-driving capability because it has a few blind spots.

Interestingly, Tesla has now been spotted testing a new camera array on a Model 3 prototype (pictures by @MrSaltyP):

The Model 3 has manufacturer plates – indicating that Tesla owns the vehicle.

We see that the side fender cameras are at the same location as in the current model, but instead of being embedded into the chassis, they now stick out quite a bit.

It’s a similar situation for the rear camera, which is also mounted higher than in the existing version:

Finally, the b-pillar camera has been replaced by a camera mounted in the rear window of the Model 3:

It’s unclear why Tesla is using this new array of cameras. The two leading theories are that T4sla is doing new ground-truthing for its sensors or the automaker is testing a new camera setup for new versions of its existing vehicles or upcoming new vehicles.

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