Tesla Roadster to reach 0-96kmph in under 1 second | Autocar Professional


The production version of the Tesla Roadster will be unveiled later this year, company CEO Elon Musk has said, claiming the electric model will arrive with bombastic performance statistics – including a sub-1.0sec 0-96kph time.

Posting to X (formerly Twitter), Musk said the brief for the car had been “radically increased” and promised “there will never be another car like this”.The specification set out at the car’s 2017 unveiling entailed a 0-96kph time of 1.9sec, hitting 0-160kph 2.3sec later and reaching a top speed north of 400kph. Range was claimed to be about 998km.

Musk has now said the production version of the Roadster will crack 96kph in less than 1.0sec. He previously said an optional rocket-thruster package, developed with SpaceX, would propel it to 96kph in 1.1sec.

This is significantly quicker than the 1.95sec 0-100kph time claimed for the Rimac Nevera, which is currently the world’s fastest-accelerating production car. However, it should be noted that Tesla notes acceleration times with “rollout subtracted, which means the Roadster’s acceleration time from standstill may be different from what Musk quotes.   

Musk added that the company is “aiming” to begin deliveries in 2025, having previously touted launch dates of 2020, 2022, 2023 and 2024, following its unveiling in 2017. The previous delays were attributed to supply chain disruption, as well as the extended development of a tri-motor powertrain and advanced battery technologies.

As far as India goes, Tesla is working with the Indian government to close in a deal. Read more on that here.

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