Tesla releases impressive new Cybertruck off-road video as fails from owners pile up


Tesla releases impressive new Cybertruck off-road video as fails from owners pile up

Tesla has released an impressive new video of a Cybertruck off-roading while instances of Cybertruck owners failing are piling up.

Leading up to the launch of the Cybertruck, Tesla has been marketing the electric pickup truck as a rugged off-road vehicle.

On paper, it is a great off-roading vehicle stock – without modification thanks to its adaptive air suspension that offers 12″ of travel and 17″ of clearance.

In practice, you wouldn’t believe it looking at social media.

There have been plenty of videos and pictures of Cybertrucks failing off-road in the last few weeks as Tesla expanded deliveries to more customers.

For example, a Cybertruck was spotted stuck in the sand in Santa Cruz this week:

There’s now a whole subreddit dedicated to Cybertruck stuck in places.

But there’s a high probability that the problem is behind the wheel rather than the truck itself.

Potentially to combat the increase of bad press from these instances, Tesla releases an impressive video of a Cyebrtruck climbing Hell’s Revenge in Utah’s Moab desert:

Cybertruck’s lead engineer, Wes Morrill, also shared another video of the Cybertruck in Hell’s Revenge:

This is an impressive feat for a fully stock – out of the factory vehicle as most vehicles you will see attempting this have aftermarket modifications.

Electrek’s Take

Obviously, I can’t judge every Cybertruck owner, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s the first truck or off-road vehicle for many of them, and off-roading is not all about the vehicle.

To be fair, it’s a lot about the vehicle, but you also need some knowledge and experience with off-roading to be able to get through some off-road obstacles.

Therefore, I think that a lot of the off-roading fails you see with the Cybertruck have more to do with the drivers than the truck.

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