Tesla recalls over 11,000 Cybertrucks over trim detaching and wiper issue


Tesla recalls over 11,000 Cybertrucks over trim detaching and wiper issue

Tesla has issued two new recalls for the Cybertruck over a trim in the bed that can detach while driving and a defective windshield wiper.

The recalls reveal that Tesla has built over 11,000 Cybertrucks.

Tesla describes the problem with the trims around the bed of the Cybertruck that led to the first recall:

The Cybertruck is equipped with a cosmetic applique along the exterior of the trunk bed trim, known as the sail applique, which is affixed to the vehicle with adhesive. On affected vehicles, the sail applique or adhesion may not have been installed according to specification, which may cause the sail applique to become loose or separate from the vehicle.

In recent weeks, there were a few reports of the part detaching from the Cybertruck bed, which Tesla confirms in the recall notice to NHTSA.

The automaker says that it will “replace or rework” the part on customer vehicles:

At no charge to the customer, Tesla will replace or rework the sail applique such that the assembly meets specifications and ensures sufficient adhesion between the applique and the vehicle’s deck rail.

This recall affects all Tesla Cybertrucks built since May 26, 2024, which is exactly 11,383 trucks.

Simultaneously, Tesla revealed today another recall for the Cybertruck.

Tesla confirmed a problem with the Cybertruck’s windshield wiper motor:

On affected vehicles, the front windshield wiper motor controller may stop functioning due to electrical overstress to the gate driver component.

We reported last week that Tesla had halted Cybertruck deliveries because of this issue.

The automaker has now confirmed that of all Cybertrucks produced since June 6, 2024 – 11,688 Cybertrucks have this issue.

Tesla said that it worked “with the Tier 1 (Valeo) and Tier 2 (USI) suppliers” to identify the issue and it will replace the windshield wiper motor on the Cybertrucks.

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