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Tesla cuts prices nearly across the board and appears to be pushing more people into Full Self Driving. Disney is making a popular automotive ride all-electric. Airless tires look like the future. And do in-wheel motors make more sense for EV conversions? This and more, here at Green Car Reports. 

The Tesla Model Y undercuts the Model 3 by $5,000—for those who are EV tax credit eligible—under the latest round of Tesla price cuts made on Saturday. With it, the base Model Y rear-wheel drive could cost just $37,130, with other state incentives yet to be deducted. Tesla has also dropped the price of what it calls Full Self Driving to $8,000, but it’s eliminated the popular $6,000 Enhanced Autopilot option.

Michelin believes that airless tires are the future. But with this tech that could be especially well-suited for robotaxis, EVs, and more still under development and at the prototype stage, the company is also focusing on other tech like sustainable materials and retreads. 

The U.K.-based company that now owns Protean in-wheel motors has showcased a Land Rover Defender EV conversion that doesn’t gain weight in the translation. Although it’s modest in its electric range, the idea acts as a technology proof point and, perhaps, a lot more. 

Disneyland has now confirmed that its Autopia ride will go fully electric in 2026. The attraction for kids, started with sponsorship by an oil company, has run for decades with internal combustion mini-cars, but it’s supposed to represent the future.


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