Tesla prepares new ‘efficiency package’ amid range concerns


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Tesla is preparing to launch a new “efficiency package” across most of its electric vehicle lineup amid range concerns.

Tesla has long been the leader in efficiency for electric vehicles – getting more range out of smaller battery packs than most of its competitors.

Some have caught up now and on top of it, there are growing concerns that Tesla might be too optimistic with its range estimates.

Recently, the automaker had to reduce the estimated ranges of most of its electric vehicle lineup following a rule change by the EPA.

Now, several reports based on Tesla software updates, including one from infamous Tesla hacker Green, claim that Tesla is preparing to launch a new “efficiency package” for Model Y, Model S, and Model X:

It’s not clear what the “efficiency package” entails exactly, but Tesla did introduce something called the same in the Model 3 with the 2021 refresh.

For Model Y, Tesla’s most popular vehicle by far, two trims saw their ranges drop below the 300-mile mark, which is an important psychological range number for many buyers.

It’s possible that Tesla is looking to improve efficiency in its vehicles to gain back the range lost due to the EPA rule change.

However, it is important to note that the recent range change is only for the EPA estimated advertised range, and the actual range or efficiency of the vehicles has not change.

This new efficiency package should actually make Tesla vehicles more efficient and therefore, it should result in more range.

Electrek’s Take

I love efficiency, and I am curious to see what this new package entails exactly. Electric vehicles are already much more efficient than internal combustion engine vehicles, but there’s also quite a spectrum of efficiency in the EV world.

For example, you can’t compare a Hummer EV and a Tesla Model 3 – even though they are both battery-electric vehicles.

I just hope that it’s an actual efficiency package and not just Tesla removing some features, like it did to counter the EPA rule change.

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