Tesla leaks Powershare Mobile Connector


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Tesla has leaked its ‘Powershare Mobile Connector’ through its user manual, but it’s so far unclear how it’s different from Tesla’s regular mobile connector.

With the launch of Cybertruck, Tesla announced its new Powershare bidirectional charging system.

The new feature will enable Tesla vehicles, starting with Cybertruck, to share power with other vehicles, your home, and more.

This is a feature that has become increasingly popular with electric vehicles in recent years. While more EVs are now capable of the feature, the hardware required to make it work has yet to become very popular.

Tesla, with its extensive experience with power electronics, has the potential to make things a lot easier for its customers.

The company says that Powerwall owners already have the required hardware, and if not, you can use Tesla’s Universal Wall Connector ($595) and Gateway ($1,800).

But now, it looks like Tesla is also planning hardware specifically for Powershare.

Tesla released a user manual for something called “Powershare Mobile Connector”:

The design of the charger is definitely different from Tesla’s regular mobile connector, but other than the design, the user manual doesn’t explain what’s different with the “Powershare” version.

The name would imply that it enables bidirectional charging, but it’s possible that this feature hasn’t been enabled yet.

Either way, the Powershare Mobile Connector is not even available on Tesla’s website yet.

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