Tesla launches Model Y with just 2 seats as a smart business solution


Tesla launches Model Y with just 2 seats as a smart business solution

Tesla has launched a new Model Y configuration with just 2 seats – leaving a ton of room in the back for transport or a custom solution.

It is aimed at businesses.

The new vehicle was unveiled in France today.

Clément Maguet, Senior Account Manager at Tesla, announced the new vehicle on LinkedIn:

“Tesla has developed a 2-seater Model Y with a storage capacity of 2,158 liters and offering a range of up to 565 km (WLTP cycle). This model is eligible for commercial vehicle taxation.”

The new version of the Model Y offers a lot more storage in the rear and more range.

565 km (351 miles) is about 30 more kilometers than the highest rated consumer version of the Model Y.

Tesla hasn’t released the price of the new version of the Model Y as interested buyers need to contact Tesla’s fleet unit.

It’s also currently only available in France, and it’s not clear if or when Tesla plans to expand the program.

In France, vehicles with 2 or 3 seats used for commercial purposes are exempt from the TVA tax.

The country currently has a fleet of around 6.3 million commercial vehicles, mostly powered by diesel as Maguet points out, and Tesla is going after that market with this new version of the Model Y.

Tesla is taking the Model Y with 2 seats on a tour of Tesla stores around France.

Electrek’s Take

I like this. More space, more range, and hopefully cheaper. You could easily use this for transport if your business regularly transport things that can fit in the back of the Model Y.

Some businesses could also use the space to custom fit a setup related to their business – like Tesla has been doing for its mobile service units:

I know that France has specific incentives for this type of vehicle, but I hope that Tesla expands this to other markets. It’s a cool idea.

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