Tesla is getting into gym equipment with a ‘Cyberhammer’


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Tesla is evidently getting into gym equipment with a Cybertruck-inspired exercise hammer called the ‘Cyberhammer’.

Ever since it unveiled the Cybertruck, Tesla has been capitalizing on its controversial design by releasing merch and accessories inspired by its design.

Things like its Gigabeer and Cyber whistle.

Now, Electrek has spotted a new trademark application from Tesla that seems to reveal the automaker’s next Cybertruck-inspired product.

Tesla has filed for a trademark for the name ‘Cyberhammer’:

The automaker filed the trademark in the fitness equipment category:

Exercise equipment, namely, gym hammers for fitness purposes.

It sounds like Tesla plans to make a Cybertruck-inspired exercise sledgehammer. I use an exercise sledgehammer. They are great for full-body workouts. You can squat while holding one in the air and swing it around, which is great for working on stabilizing muscles and ligaments.

If you want heavy ones, they get pretty expensive. For example, I use this 30 lbs hammer, which is $140.

I am certain that a Tesla Cybertruck-inspired one is going to be pretty expensive considering the price of its whistle and other accessories inspired by the electric pickup truck.

As for what it will look like, our featured image in this article is obviously tongue-in-cheek. I think it’s likely going to look more like that:

However, it will likely be bigger to be used more as exercise equipment than a working tool.

If Tesla is applying for the trademark right now, we are likely going to see the real thing show up in its online shop fairly soon.

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