Tesla has lowest maintenance and repair cost of any brand


Tesla has the lowest maintenance and repair cost of any brand, according to a new study by Consumer Reports.

For years, Tesla and a few other all-electric brands have been claiming that electric vehicles will have much lower repair and maintenance costs due to having much fewer moving parts than combustion engine vehicles.

There are people who have been skeptical about this, especially for Tesla since it is a premium brand, and those rarely get good maintenance and repair cost, but now we have actual data to prove it.

Consumer Reports released its 2023 Annual Auto Surveys, which includes data direct from thousands of cars owners in the US.

The magazine confirmed that Tesla’s maintenance and repair costs are the lowest of any brand in the auto industry:

When comparing cumulative costs by brand for years one through five and six through 10, we found that Tesla had the lowest maintenance costs. At the opposite end of the rankings, several German automakers are clustered as the most expensive brands, namely Audi, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, and Porsche.

Here are the top 10 lowest costs of repair and maintenance by brand:


Electrek’s Take

This is particularly impressive considering the average cost of Tesla vehicles versus the average costs of some of these brands.

Many other premium car brands have expensive maintenance programs that are mandatory, keeping them out of those rankings. Tesla doesn’t do that and it is paying off here.

I have one of the oldest Tesla vehicles, other than the Roadsters, a Model S 2012, and I am just now doing the first significant repairs 12 years into its life. I’m redoing the suspension.

I also have a Model 3 2018 that hasn’t needed any significant repair. Knock on wood.

That’s anecdotal evidence, but I am happy to see Consumer Reports confirming it. I bet that we are going to see other brands that are going all-electric getting up that list over the next few years.

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