Tesla Cybertruck unveiled as imposing police vehicle


Tesla tuner Unplugged Performance has unveiled its new Cybertruck police vehicle under its new Upfit division.

Unplugged Performance has emerged as the premier Tesla vehicle tuner. It is mainly for its performance and aerodynamic upgrades to Tesla vehicles, but more recently, the company launched its Up.Fit division to convert Tesla vehicles into police vehicles.

We previously reported that they are behind the South Pasadena Police Department’s acquisition of 20 Tesla Model Y vehicles for its fleet.

The Model Y has become the preferred EV for many police departments looking to go electric but since the release of the Cybertruck, Up.Fit has made it clear that it plans to make an electric pickup police patrol vehicle.

They have been teasing for a bit, but today, Unplugged Performance fully unveiled their Cybertruck police vehicle:

This looks pretty awesome, and with over 300 miles of range, off-roading capabilities, 48-volt system, and more, there are plenty of capabilities for a police patrol vehicle.

Electrek’s Take

This looks badass, but for now, I would be surprised if there are many takers simply because of the $100,000 starting price of the Cybertruck.

That’s before any modification by Unplugged.

However, once the base Cybertruck at $80,000 launches, I could see some takers.

If anything, the unveiling of the Cybertruck police vehicle is good publicity to get more police department thinking about going electric and finding more affordable options to do so. They can reach out to Unplugged’s UpFit to learn more.

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