Tesla Cybertruck flipped upside down in one of the first wrecks


Tesla Cybertruck flipped upside down in one of the first wrecks

A Tesla Cybertruck flipped upside down in a crash in Vicksburg, Mississippi – one of the first Cybertruck wrecks.

There are starting to be more Cybertrucks on the road, and therefore, it’s normal to start seeing some crashes these days.

Tesla’s recent recalls of the Cybertruck confirmed that there are over 11,000 on US roads now.

We did report on a totaled Cybertruck that went up for auction last month. It had to have been involved in a significant crash.

What makes this particular Cybertruck crash interesting is the fact that it flipped upside down in the crash, and Tesla vehicles are notoriously difficult to flip.

The crash happened in Vicksburg, Mississippi, on June 29th. Vicksburg Daily News shared a video of the aftermath:

There were four people in the Cybertruck during the crash, and only minor injuries were reported.

Tesla vehicles are notoriously difficult to flip thanks to the large battery pack at the bottom, which keeps the center of gravity lower than in internal combustion engine vehicles.

In some cases, crash testers weren’t even able to flip Tesla vehicles as part of testing designed specifically to do that.

However, to be fair, in this case, the environment around the crash site seems to have caused the flip.

The details of the crash are not clear, but it appears that the Cybertruck driver missed the turn and as you can see, the dirt wall on the left looks like a perfect ramp to flip a vehicle.

When accidents involving Tesla vehicles happen, Tesla’s Autopilot and self-driving capabilities are often quick to be blamed, but in this case, it can’t be because Tesla has yet to launch these features on the Cybertruck.

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