Tesla adds Powerwall, solar, and charger to its API for devs


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Tesla adds Powerwall, solar, and charger to its API for devs

Tesla has added Powerwall, solar, and its home charging station to its API – welcome additions to its new API for developers.

Late last year, Tesla launched its first official API (Application Programming Interface).

It came after years of developers relying on a sort of unofficial API without documentation and official protocols.

The automaker has talked on and off about releasing a software development kit (SDK) to create a full third-party app ecosystem operating with its vehicles, which have giant touchscreens and connectivity.

In 2016, CEO Elon Musk said that they instead planned to move to app mirroring from phone to center console. This is similar to services like Apple’s CarPlay and Android Auto, where the phone is responsible for displaying infotainment information on the car’s display.

CarPlay is another feature that many Tesla owners have demanded, but Tesla appears to have given that up, too, as it prefers to own the user experience inside its vehicles.

But now Tesla has officially launched an API geared toward fleet management back in October.

Today, the automaker announced that it has added support for Powerwall, its solar products, and its Wall Connector (level 2 home or commercial charger) to the API:

This is going to enable third-party developers to integrate these products into their solutions.

The integration of Tesla energy products is likely going to be welcomed by Tesla’s partners, like electric utilities, which are now going to be able to develop apps to work with these products.

Tesla has recently moved its energy efforts more on the software side to enable products like virtual power plants and Tesla Electric.

The company aims to increase the value of distributed energy assets through these software products while taking advantage of its growing deployment of energy storage with products like Powerwall and Megapack.

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