Tata Motors advocates for incentives on EVs, opposes hybrid tax cuts in India: Report | Autocar Professional


Tata Motors, India’s leading electric car manufacturer, is actively lobbying against potential tax cuts on hybrid vehicles in India, asserting that hybrids are more environmentally harmful than pure electric vehicles (EVs). This stance from Tata Motors contrasts with the push from other automakers like Toyota for reduced taxes on hybrids, Reuters reported.

As part of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s initiative to combat pollution, India has been actively promoting electric vehicles, offering them a low tax rate of just 5%. In contrast, hybrid cars face a significantly higher tax rate of 43%, just below the 48% levied on traditional petrol cars.

Tata Motors, in a letter to the government, says there’s the need to incentivise EVs over hybrids, citing the latter’s higher pollution levels. The company contends that supporting hybrid vehicles through tax cuts would be counterproductive to the government’s overall environmental goals.

This development comes amidst a broader global shift towards sustainable transportation, with automakers increasingly focusing on electric and hybrid technologies. The debate over tax incentives reflects the ongoing discourse within the automotive industry and regulatory bodies regarding the most effective strategies to encourage eco-friendly transportation, reports Reuters.

The position taken by Tata Motors not only aligns with their commitment to electric mobility but also sets the stage for a potential divergence in regulatory approaches within the Indian automotive market. As the government considers its stance on hybrid taxation, the industry and environmental advocates will be closely monitoring the outcome, anticipating the impact on the adoption of electric and hybrid vehicles in the country.

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