Supercar segment in India to register 30% growth in 2024, says McLaren


  • McLaren aims to deliver over 20 cars in India in 2024.
McLaren aims to deliver over 20 cars in India in 2024.

Indian consumers’ preferences towards buying new cars have been transforming rapidly over the last few years. From being a keenly focused market on small mass-market cars, India has evolved into an increasingly growing market for premium bigger cars, where even the super luxury and sportscars are finding a growing footprint. Keeping an eye on that, McLaren Automotive believes the super sportscar segment in the country will register 30 per cent growth in 2024.

PTI has cited the British luxury carmaker that entered the Indian market in November 2022, saying the super sports car segment in India will register 30 per cent growth this year. McLaren has just launched the 750S in India at a whopping 5.91 crore (ex-showroom) price tag. In 2024, the super sportscar manufacturer is reportedly looking to deliver about 20 od cars to customers in the country after witnessing a blip last year owing to supper chain disruptions.

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Speaking about the super sportscar segment in India, Lalit Choudary, Chairman and Managing Director of Infinity Cars, the official dealer for McLaren Automotive in India, said that while the year 2023 was better, the UK-based auto company is thinking 2024 will be still better. “This segment (the cars, which are priced upwards of 4-5 crore) has also seen a healthy growth last year. I think post-Covid, 2021 was kind of a startup year (from the volume’s perspective) and then 2022 was a good year,” he added.

Noting that the super sportscar segment in India may see a 30 per cent growth in 2024, he said that McLaren is aiming to deliver as many as 20 cars to customers in the country. “Last year there was a small blip in sales. There was a gap in production for a few months due to the transitioning from one model to the next. As a result, this year we would like to do about 20-odd cars,” Choudary added. He also stated that currently, there are about 30 McLaren cars on Indian roads.

With the introduction of the 750S in India, the British luxury car maker now has three models in the domestic market, which include the GT and Artura hybrid.

First Published Date: 14 Jan 2024, 09:48 AM IST

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