Solis Tractors unveils new high torque tractor series at LAMMA 2024 | Autocar Professional


Solis Tractors has unveiled its latest tractors at the LAMMA Show held on January 17 and 18, 2024. These innovative tractor series, designed with compact dimensions and advanced emission control systems, target global markets, including the US and Europe, to meet diverse customer needs. The agricultural machines are set to deliver cutting-edge technology, high torque, and versatility, promising enhanced productivity and efficiency for farming communities worldwide while prioritising sustainability.

Solis aims to propel agriculture towards a greener and sustainable future by showcasing a high torque tractor range designed to provide maximum power with low fuel consumption

The Solis tractor series, forming part of ITL’s new lineup, includes two new models:

1. Solis S 75 Shuttle XL: Equipped with a high-performance S-Tech 4-cylinder engine and 12F + 12R transmission, this tractor offers unbeatable maneuverability and precision for agricultural needs. Leveraging its S-Boost Hydraulics and 3000 KG Lifting Capacity, it promises to elevate productivity seamlessly.

2. Solis C 48: Featuring S-Boost Hydraulics, a 3-cylinder natural aspirated engine with high-end torque of 146.2 Nm, and a state-of-the-art S-Command Centre, this tractor provides remarkable power and acceleration. Its synchro shift with 12F+12R transmission optimises overall farming performance, creating an exhilarating farming experience.

Solis is also showcasing its existing tractor range, including S90 Shuttle XL, H26, S26+, S50 Shuttle XL, and S26 Shuttle XL (9+9). These tractors reflect the brand’s commitment to delivering durable machines at an affordable price, prioritising user comfort with the S-Command Center. They boast high lifting capacity due to the S-Boost Hydraulic system and are powered by a high-torque engine incorporating S-Tech technology, along with various user-friendly features.

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