Solidion introduces solid-state battery pack technology for EVs – Charged EVs


US battery technology company Solidion Technology has introduced its bipolar electrode-to-pack (BEEP) platform to create compact solid-state batteries for EVs.

Rather than creating individual cells and modules, Solidion’s BEEP technology produces a high-voltage, high-capacity battery pack by stacking and connecting bipolar electrodes and solid electrolyte layers in series and in parallel. The pack requires only one casing and a small number of connectors—instead of the hundreds of housings and connectors in typical lithium-ion batteries—according to the company.

The BEEP platform technology aims to address the difficulty and high cost of manufacturing solid-state batteries and the limited space available in an EV to accommodate a bulky battery system.

“Solid-state batteries are the future of the EV market, but commercialization has been held back by design and manufacturing-related challenges,” said Solidion Board Chairman and Chief Science Officer Bor Jang. “The internal bipolar electrode stacking in our patent-protected BEEP technology is intrinsically simpler and easier to develop compared to making individual cells and using external cables to connect multiple pre-fabricated cells. Solidion’s BEEP technology has the ability to deliver improved manufacturability and reduced manufacturing cost—ultimately leading to a faster route to commercialization.”

Source: Solidion Technology

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