Size matters: TGE, Volvo roll out Australia’s largest all-electric logistics fleet


Since taking delivery of sixty all-electric delivery trucks, Team Global Express now has the largest all-electric logistics fleet in service in Australia.

In partnership with the Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA), Team Global Express (“TGE”) has replaced a third of its Western Sydney truck fleet with a total of sicty Volvo FM electric trucks, which will spend their days delivering packages to customers in and around the metropolitan Sydney area.

“Team Global Express is proud to roll out an electric vehicle trial of this scale and support our industry and country’s renewable energy transition ambitions,” said TGE CEO, Christine Holgate. “At the time of placing our order with Volvo, we held the record for the largest order of medium duty electric vehicles the company had received globally. We are thrilled that these trucks are on Sydney roads delivering parcels directly to residential and commercial customers.”

The Western Sydney routes were chosen strategically. The TGE depots there are located close to (if not within) heavily populated urban distribution areas. That’s because, unlike conventional gas and diesel-powered ICE trucks that are less efficient when idling in heavy stop-and-go traffic, the same stop-and-go enables the electric trucks to maximize their range through regenerative braking. Similarly, because the trucks charge overnight in a common depot, the availability of public charging infrastructure is less of a concern.

Volvo says it expects communities served by TGE to enjoy the benefits that the electric truck fleet will extend, including reduced vehicle noise and improved urban air quality.

Electrek’s Take

It’s great to see highly visible projects like this come together – and the more Australia’s driving public is exposed to the real-world benefits of BEVs, the more likely they’ll be to choose a plug-in vehicle for their next purchase. Perhaps, though, Volvo’s global CEO Martin Lundstedt put it even better when he said, “I congratulate all involved for their dedication towards making our cities a better place to live and for taking a positive step towards the future of our planet.”

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