Selecting pressure-sensitive adhesive tapes for use with Mica in EV batteries (Whitepaper) – Charged EVs


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The EV battery industry is evolving rapidly, pushing the need for advanced materials that are thinner, lighter and safer. Engineers are increasingly turning to mica as a material solution that helps improve vehicle reliability and safety by containing thermal runaway. Pressure-sensitive adhesive (PSA) tapes, meanwhile, have emerged as a preferred solution for bonding mica materials in a battery pack.

Our new white paper explores common challenges associated with using mica. Referencing laboratory data, this report provides guidance to engineers and others involved in the design and assembly of these materials. It offers insight into how PSA tapes offer many advantages when combined with mica for EV battery packs including, but not limited to:

  • Safety: PSA tapes require no special hazardous material handling protocols. 
  • Assembly optimization: PSAs provide virtually immediate green strength with cure time measured in microseconds rather than hours or days. Tapes can also hold parts in place while a pack is assembled. 
  • Consistency: PSAs offer consistent thickness upon application. Each battery pack coming out of assembly will have the same amount of adhesive as every other pack. 
  • Versatility: PSA tapes can be laminated to foams, fibers and films, and die-cut to specification. Adhesives can be engineered with properties that enhance their ease of use (such as easy removability/repositionability), long-term durability and flame resistance

The white paper outlines the properties to consider for Muscovite and Phlogopite mica as well as the effect of adhesive pattern coating, tape constructions, and the peel angle on the materials. This study was developed in conjunction with the Asheville Mica Energy Solutions.

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