Segway debuts fully automated Navimow i110N robot lawn mower with satellite positioning


Segway debuts fully automated Navimow i110N robot lawn mower with satellite positioning

Segway debuts its new Navimow i110N Robot Lawn Mower on Amazon after a successful European launch that began two weeks ago. Now available for pre-order, the new i Series models are designed for yards up to 1/4-acre in size and introduce the company’s updated Exact Fusion Location System 2.0, a vision-enhanced RTK GPS, alongside AI-assisted mapping functionality to meticulously navigate complex terrain and adapt to any changes as they appear.

“With Navimow i coming to Amazon, we’re making effortless, affordable robotic lawn care available across the US. We harnessed the power of AI robotics to make our tech work hard so consumers don’t have to. This latest offering provides a host of smart features delivering an easy-to-use product at a competitive price point, making the i Series more accessible than almost every other robotic mower on the market.”

George Ren, CEO of Segway Navimow.

The Navimow i110N requires no perimeter wires, instead opting for advanced and automatic AI-assisted mapping to provide more convenient and effortless lawn care. Setup only takes a few taps on your smartphone – simply plot out your lawn’s boundaries and let the automated system of the robot take over. From here the robot will navigate within the set borders, identifying and assessing the optimal route to cover the entire space, debris and all. Once it begins mowing, it will not stop until it completes the job – even pausing upon a low battery to return to its station for recharging and resuming once it is back to full power.

the Navimow i110N robot lawn mower and a representation of its satellite positioning system

The standout feature is the improved Exact Fusion Location System 2.0 that works in tandem with the AI-assistance, elevating its capabilities above the more standard robot mowers that are currently on the market. However complicated your garden space or overall terrain may be, this mower’s RTK (real-time kinematic) technology that utilizes satellite navigation systems will be able to keep track of the robot’s positioning within a few centimeters’ difference – even when it may disappear under trees or through narrow corridors. This feature also doubles as a security measure, allowing you to track the robot’s real-time location in cases of theft.

Compared to other robot mowers that may rely on ultrasonic sensors or bumpers to identify obstacles or structures, this new model sports a 140-degree field-of-view camera with built-in AI algorithms to detect many different types of commonly found objects and adjust routes around them. With these systems working together, this mower can safely traverse around shrubs, trees, fallen branches, garden borders, playing children, animals, and the natural twists and turns of the landscape.

an example of scheduling the robot mower for different zones

Aside from the automated performance of the Navimow i110N, you will have complete smart controls over its actions and settings. Through the companion app you can set schedules, mark off-limit zones, or otherwise customize the robot’s mowing route and settings – with enough memory for 12 different zones. It also comes with an IP66 waterproof rating to withstand the elements and a Ride-on Boundary mode that allows it to perfectly straddle boundary lines, maintaining the crisp edges that many other robotic mowers struggle to reach.

All-in-all, you’ll have everything you’ll need right out of the box. You’ll get the robot itself, a charging station and installation kit with power supply, an extension cable as well as pegs to secure the cable – depending on where you plan to place the station – spare blades and bolts, and both an antenna to connect to the satellite system alongside the antenna’s installation kit.

With Segway’s Navimow i110N you can “set it and forget it” as you go about your life as usual

Segway’s new Navimow i110N will be available in two models, one for 1/8-acre yards and one for 1/4-acre yards. The 1/4-acre model is now available for pre-order on Amazon with a $1,299 price tag, while the 1/8-acre model has yet to be added, but should be coming relatively soon. Shipping is scheduled to begin March 25.

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