Save up to $400 on NIU electric scooters starting from $210, Anker SOLIX C800 Plus, EGO Power+ pole saw, and more


Headlining today’s Green Deals is the NIU Mother’s Day sale that is taking up to 46% off a selection of electric scooters, like the KQi1 Pro Electric Kick Scooter at $270. It is joined by Anker’s latest C800 Plus Portable Power Station that’s fallen back to its $499 low, as well as the EGO Power+ 10-inch Telescopic LED Cut Line Indicator Pole Saw Kit at $304. Plus, more hangover Green Deals still alive and well.

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NIU Mother’s Day sale takes up to 46% off electric scooters

NIU has launched a Mother’s Day sale that is taking up to 46% off a selection of its electric scooter models through May 19. The biggest of these discounts and subsequently the most affordable of the models (aside from one for kids) is the NIU KQi1 Pro Electric Kick Scooter for $269.98 shipped. Normally fetching $499, this model saw a handful of discounts over the last year, often to its lowest rates during major sales events, with higher rates being more long-term at other retailers like Best Buy. Most recently we saw it fall to $300 during NIU’s Earth Day sale last month, with this month’s deal coming in as an even greater 46% markdown off the going rate that beats our previous mention by $30, giving you $229 in savings and landing it at the lowest price we have tracked.

Equipped with a 250W motor (450W peak) and a 243Wh battery, the NIU KQi1 Pro can reach top speeds of 15.5 MPH with a range of 15.5 miles on a single charge and it can handle up to a 14% incline. You’ll have four riding modes to choose from (E-save, sport, custom, pedestrian) as well as a dual braking system of a front drum brake with rear regenerative braking alongside pneumatic tires with “excellent shock absorbtion.” It also features a headlight, taillight, a foldable frame, a backlit LED display, and an array of smart capabilities through the NIU app, such as allowing you to lock your scooter, check your riding statistics, and even customize your scooter’s settings.

More NIU Mother’s Day discounts:

Anker’s latest SOLIX C800 Plus Portable Power Station returns to $499 low

The official Anker Amazon storefront is offering its SOLIX C800 Plus Portable Power Station for $499 shippedafter clipping the on-page $150 off coupon. Down from its $649 price tag, this is only the third official discount since the device’s release in March, which saw a similar launch discount down to the $499 low. You can get a full rundown on what to expect from our initial launch coverage, or head below. All-in-all, you’re looking at a repeat 23% markdown off the going rate, which also matches the current discount on Anker’s website as well and returns costs to the all-time lowest price we’ve seen. You’ll also find bundle options available, with it coming with a 100W or 200W solar panel for $698 or $1,048after clipping the on-page coupons.

The SOLIX C800 Plus sports a compact 768Wh capacity with 1,600W of power output. It can fully recharge in just 58 minutes via a wall outlet, 7.2 hours via your car, or just under three hours when paired with 300W of solar panel input. It features two water-resistant LED camping lights that have three modes to choose from: a candlelight mode that covers up to 10m², a flood light mode that covers up to 20m², and a flashlight mode that covers up to 20m² – all of them lasting up to eight hours.

The lights can be easily recharged by stowing them back inside the top of the power station’s case, and they even come with a versatile retractable pole arm that can be used as a hanger, tripod, or selfie stick when not being used to extend the camping light’s reach. To cover your other devices and appliances, you’ll have five AC ports, two USB-A ports, two USB-C ports, and a car port. You’ll also be able to completely monitor and control its settings through the Anker SOLIX app, including enabling and disabling ports via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. You can also score the same model without the camping lights for $50 lessafter clipping the on-page $150 off coupon.

EGO Power+ 10-inch Telescopic LED Cut Line Indicator Pole Saw Kit now $304

Amazon is offering the EGO Power+ 10-Inch Telescopic LED Cut Line Indicator Pole Saw Kit for $304 shipped. Down from its $399 price tag, it only saw a few discounts over the last year, with four of them dropping costs to the same $299 low – the most recent being in February. Today’s deal comes in as a 24% markdown off the going rate and lands at the second-lowest price we have tracked. This 10-inch pole saw introduces an LED cut line indicator that improves visibility and accuracy when working under dark, shaded canopies and low light conditions. It’s brushless motor gives low vibrations for better control and extended life, while the 56V ARC lithium-ion battery allows it to make up to 100 cuts on a single charge. It features a telescopic carbon fiber shaft that extends out to a maximum length of 16 feet, a 10-inch bar, and 1/4-inch chain which all together can deliver smooth, precise cuts with a chain speed of 20 meters-per-second. It also has a quick-adjust handle and a shoulder strap for added comfort and control.

Spring e-bike deals!

Jackery 2000 Pro portable power station being held by handle within post for NIU electric scooter

Other new Green Deals landing this week

The savings this week are also continuing to a collection of other markdowns. To the same tune as the offers above, these all help you take a more energy-conscious approach to your routine. Winter means you can lock in even better off-season price cuts on electric tools for the lawn while saving on EVs and tons of other gear.

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