Save up to $1,430 during Juiced’s July 4th e-bike sale, Worx Landroid robotic mower lows, 1-day Tesla EV charger adapter sale, more


Save up to ,430 during Juiced’s July 4th e-bike sale, Worx Landroid robotic mower lows, 1-day Tesla EV charger adapter sale, more

Today’s Green deals are all riding the 4th of July wave to lower prices, headlined by Juiced’s latest holiday sale that is giving you a 10% off sitewide discount to stack with already-discounted e-bikes and accessories, with a few exceptions – and this will likely be the last pre-release discount on the company’s new JetCurrent Pro Foldable e-bike at $2,159, while other e-bikes start from $1,592. Next, we have a deal trifecta with Worx’s Landroid Robotic Mowers for 1/8-acre to 1/2-acre yards all dropping to their lowest prices, starting from $579, as well as a one-day 50% off deal on Rexing’s CCS to Tesla EV charger adapter at $100. Plus, all the other hangover Green Deals that are still alive and well – including a further price drop on Jackery’s new Explorer 240 v2 LiFePO4 Portable Power Station to a new low.

Head below for other New Green Deals we’ve found today and, of course, Electrek’s best EV buying and leasing deals. Also, check out the new Electrek Tesla Shop for the best deals on Tesla accessories.

Save up to $1,430 during Juiced’s sitewide 4th of July celebrations, with e-bikes starting from $1,592

Juiced Bikes has launched its 4th of July celebrations with a sitewide promo that is taking an additional 10% off everything under the brand, with two exceptions on the RipRacer and the RipCurrent S Step-Thru models. Repeating as the most notable offering in the bunch is the newest flagship under Juiced’s brand, the JetCurrent Pro Foldable e-bike (still in pre-order) for $2,159.10 shippedafter using the promo code FREEDOM for the additional 10% off discount. Already down from its $2,799 MSRP to $2,399 before the promo, we saw its pre-order deals first pop up back in April, taking it down to $2,499. May’s Mother Day sales dropped costs to $2,299, followed by further cuts to $2,099 during Memorial Day events, and last month’s Father’s Day sale saw the best pre-launch price to date at $2,074. Today’s deal comes in as a combined 23% markdown that gives you a total of $640 in savings and lands at the third-lowest price we have tracked – which will likely be the last pre-release discount seeing as this model begins shipping this month.

Coming in four distinct colorways (blackdesert tanindigo blue, and purple haze), Juiced’s new JetCurrent Pro Foldable e-bike arrives stocked with a supercharged 1,200W NeoBlade Motor (2,000W peak) paired with a 52V battery. It can top off at 34 MPH, the fastest under the brand’s flag, and cruises along for up to 70 miles on a single charge using either its throttle for pure electric action or its five levels of pedal assistance that are supported by a cadence sensor. It also boasts some extra performance functions in its active cruise control settings that can be locked at any speed below 20 MPH, as well as its race track mode that activates the e-bike’s most agressive settings and does not limit its speed (at the cost of mileage, mind you).

There are other features worth a mention too, like the powerful 1,050-lumen Shadowblaster headlight, front and rear turn signals, a brake light, knobby 4-inch tires with fenders over each, a rear cargo rack, 4-piston hydraulic brakes, a folding mirror, an “automotive-grade horn,” and a backlit LCD display that gives you real-time performance data while also allowing you to customize its performance settings – plus it has a USB port to charge your devices as you ride. Its most noticeable feature is being the first foldable e-bike among Juiced’s lineup, making transport and storage far easier when it’s not in use.

Juiced 4th of July e-bike discounts (promotion included):

Juiced 4th of July accessory discounts (promotion included):

Save up to $600 on Worx Landroid robotic lawn mowers for 1/8 to 1/2 acre yards at return lows

Amazon has discounted the Worx Landroid Robotic Lawn Mowers back to their best prices, with the S 20V 1/8-acre model seeing the biggest of the price cuts to $579 shipped. Normally going for $1,000, the furthest we saw this particular model fall in 2023 was to the former $600 low during Black Friday and Christmas sales. That pricing was beaten out only two months into the new year when it fell to $589 for a short period before jumping back to its MSRP and remaining there until the top of June, where we saw it hit the new $579 low for the first time. Today, the lowest price we have tracked returns for round 2, amounting to a 42% markdown that gives you $421 in savings.

Designed to take the hassle out of regular lawncare routines so you can spend more time on your off days actually taking a load off, the S 20V Landroid from Worx can handle mowing needs for smaller yards, tackling up to 1/8 acres on a single charge (with the other models increasing in coverage size up to 1/2 acres). Complete smart controls are accessible through the companion app via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connection, plus the 20V 2.0Ah PowerShare battery comes compatible with the other 20V, 40V, and 80V devices in Worx’s ecosystem (even the joint EV venture that Worx has taken alongside Aventon Ebikes). The floating blade disc automatically lifts the blades giving the device more clearance to navigate uneven terrain without getting trapped or stuck. Its 20V motor runs 50% longer, is 25% more powerful, and offers 10% longer life compared to similar products with brushed motors. It includes a battery and charger.

As we mentioned, the other models are seeing discounts to their best prices as well, with Amazon offering the M 20V Landroid that covers up to a 1/4 acre on a single charge for $749, down from $1,200, as well as the updated L 20V Landroid that covers up to a 1/2 acre on a single charge for $899, down from $1,500. They offer the same performance specs as the S 20V above, albeit with the increased coverage.

Rexing CCS to Tesla EV charger adapter within post for Juiced 4th of July e-bike sale

Rexing CCS to Tesla EV charger adapter for Models S, 3, X, and Y now at $100 low for today only

Courtesy of its Deals of the Day, Best Buy is offering the Rexing CCS to Tesla EV Charger Adapter for Tesla Models S, 3, X, and Y for $99.99 shipped. Normally fetching $200, we’ve seen very few discounts on this device in the last year, which have been spaced out over the months as similar one-day sales that often repeat cuts to the $100 low. Today’s deal is continuing the trend as a 50% markdown, giving you $100 in savings and landing it back at the all-time lowest price we have tracked. With this handy little adapter, Tesla drivers will gain even more charging access to the over 5,000 CCS level 3 fast charging stations across the country. Small and compact, it easily stores away inside your vehicle until it’s needed, re-juicing your Tesla at up to 250kW or 250A speeds (depending on car battery and DC charger specs). It also comes with a protective travel case. There’s also a similar J1772 to Tesla adapter as well, currently priced at $50, down from $80.

If you’re a Tesla owner who wants to upgrade your home charger setup, Best Buy has permanently dropped the price on the Tesla Universal Wall Connector Level 2 Hardwired EV Charger to $580, down from $620. It boasts a customizable output of up to 48A of power, which can be adjusted during indoor or outdoor installations, and also employs an integrated J1772 adapter making it compatible with other EV brands/models outside the Tesla boundaries. You’ll be getting upward to 44 miles of travel range per hour of charging when set at its maximum amperage. If you’re part of a Tesla-only household with no out-of-brand charging needs, consider the cheaper non-universal model that is sitting at $450, matching its Amazon rate.

And for those of you on the opposite end of things, Best Buy also has the Rexing Tesla to J1772 EV Charger Adapter for $130, down from $160. This adapter allows any J1772-compatible EV to refill its battery at any Tesla Level 1 or Level 2 charging station. Unfortunately, it is not compatible with the company’s supercharger stations, however, it does provide support for those of you who may regularly stay at Airbnbs or spend time at a family member’s home that has installed a personal Tesla charging station. It stores away with little difficulty and provides charging speeds up to 20kW, handling up to 80A to charge your EV in a few hours.

Summer e-bike deals!

Jackery Explorer 240 v2 Portable Power Station within post for Juiced 4th of July e-bike sale

Other new Green Deals landing this week

The savings this week are also continuing to a collection of other markdowns. To the same tune as the offers above, these all help you take a more energy-conscious approach to your routine. Winter means you can lock in even better off-season price cuts on electric tools for the lawn while saving on EVs and tons of other gear.

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