Save energy in your high-power test applications (Whitepaper) – Charged EVs


Save energy in your high-power test applications (Whitepaper) – Charged EVs

Save energy in your high-power test applications (Whitepaper) – Charged EVs

Keysight explores technology advancements to save money and keep the planet green

In an effort to make the earth a greener place for the next generation while lowering costs, technology companies are creating innovative eco-friendly products. A comprehensive approach to testing can bring additional savings through a reduction of waste energy. High-power test applications can use a power supply system that produces efficient and clean power and recycles waste energy.

Using a power dissipator is an economical solution for sinking a couple hundred watts. Battery power density has increased to a point where batteries can replace gas engines. Testing larger batteries and their electronics requires larger dissipators that occupy more space and produce additional heat. Electrification of warehouses, industrial equipment, and transportation requires high-capacity batteries. Power requirements have soared from a few hundred watts to thousands and even tens of thousands of watts. Designers want to increase the runtime between charges using higher-efficiency designs or by harvesting kinetic energy with bidirectional converters. A regenerative power supply simplifies testing as the same hardware can supply and load power electronics. Constantly monitoring energy efficiency allows for design improvements. A regenerative power supply will do its part to return energy commonly wasted during testing back to the grid.

Read the whitepaper to explore how a Keysight regenerative power supply can achieve these goals while simplifying the test setup.

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