Save $1000 on Bluetti’s AC200L power station bundle, Hover-1 Boss Pro e-scooter now $348, EGO Power+ mower, more


With a general lull starting to hang over post-Memorial Day marketplaces, today’s Green Deals are lead by the sudden undercutting of previous prices from Bluetti on its lineup of power stations and bundle packages, like the AC200L Portable Power Station that comes with a 200W solar panel at a new $1,499 low, among others. It is joined by the Hover-1 Boss Pro Foldable Electric Scooter also hitting a new low of $348, as well as the EGO Power+ 56V 21-inch Self-Propelled Cordless Lawn Mower that includes two 4.0Ah batteries for $549. Plus, all the other hangover Green Deals – including all the leftover Memorial Day discounts that are still alive and well.

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Bluetti AC200L Portable Power Station with a 200W solar panel hits new $1,499 low, drops prices on previous deals

While Amazon’s Memorial Day sales having technically ended, nobody seemed to give Bluetti the memo and as such, the official Bluetti Amazon storefront is offering its AC200L Portable Power Station with a 200W Solar Panel for $1,499 shipped, along with other markdowns since the sale’s end. Down from its regular $2,499 price tag, this particular bundle has slowly been increasing its discount size since the start of the new year. It kicked off 2024 at $1,798 in January, with March seeing the next drop to $1,699 at its start and $1,599 at its end – which remained the standard rate up until today’s deal came in to land it at a new all-time low. All-in-all, you’re looking at a $1,000 markdown that beats out its Memorial Day sale rate by $100.

With a purchase of Bluetti’s AC200L power station, you can breathe easy knowing your power supply needs will be met on your next trip out into the wilds of the world, whether it’s for camping, road trips, or even just backyard functions. Built around a LiFePO4 battery, it has a 2,048Wh capacity that can be expanded up to 4,096Wh with a B230 expansion battery, up to 6,348Wh with two B210 batteries, or up to its max 8,192Wh capacity with two B300 batteries (all three sold separately). It has 11 ports to cover a wider range of devices and appliances: four ACs, two USB-As, two USB-Cs, one car port, one RV port, and even a NEMA TT-30 port. While plugged into a wall outlet, this power station will regain an 80% charge in just 45 minutes, or you can connect a maximum 1,200W solar input that will fully recharge it in just 1.7 to 2.2 hours. You’ll also be able to control the power station’s settings and keep track of charging levels on your tablet or smartphone via the BLUETTI app.

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Hover-1 Boss Pro foldable electric scooter within post for Bluetti AC200L Portable Power Station with 200W solar panel

Hover-1 Boss Pro Foldable Electric Scooter starts from new $348 low

Amazon is offering the Hover-1 Boss Pro Foldable Electric Scooter for $348.47 shippedafter clipping the on-page 25% off coupon. Today’s on-page coupon offered might be targeted to some regions/accounts, but the $464.62 deal price is still a notable one as we will discuss below. Down from its usual $800 price tag, it kicked off 2024 at $462 before rising back to its MSRP and waiting a month for another discount to come along. While we’ve seen a few good price cuts in the last few months, nothing ever fell lower than $441, until today’s deal that is. It comes in as a 56% markdown off the going rate that gives you $452 in savings and lands it at a new all-time low. It even beats out Hover-1’s website where it is still listed at its MSRP. Equipped with a 500W brushless motor and 36V battery, this scooter can reach top speeds of 20 MPH with a 24-mile range on a single charge. It features a premium LED display to indicate your speed, mode, battery level, and miles traveled, and even comes app-enabled to track your ride, pinpoint locations, or adjust the scooter’s settings. Its foldable design ensures storage convenience at home or your next destination.

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EGO Power+ 56V 21-inch Self-Propelled Cordless Lawn Mower with two 4.0Ah batteries, within post for Bluetti AC200L Portable Power Station with 200W solar panel

EGO Power+ 56V 21-inch Self-Propelled Cordless Lawn Mower includes two 4.0Ah batteries at $549

Amazon is offering the EGO Power+ 56V 21-inch Self-Propelled Cordless Lawn Mower with two 4.0Ah batteries for $549 shipped. Normally fetching $699, it’s kept to its MSRP since the start of the new year, with only a few discounts seen dropping costs by small amounts and the biggest of them taking the price down to $549 – making today’s deal the lowest of 2024 so far. This is a 21% markdown off the going rate, taking off $150 from its price tag and returning it to the second-lowest price we have tracked – ultimately $50 above the all-time low from last summer.

With the two included 4.0Ah batteries, this cordless electric lawn mower tackles your small to medium lawncare needs with up to 65 minutes of runtime on a single charge. You’ll be able to easily maneuver through your yard thanks to its self-propelled design and 21-inch cutting deck that offers a six-position height adjustment with a cutting range of 1.5 inches to 4 inches. You can choose whether to mulch, rear-bag, or side discharge your yard clippings/debris, plus you won’t have to deal with gas, oil priming, or pull strings ever again – it starts up with the simple press of a button! And if you’ve already got a good stock of EGO Power+ batteries and are just looking for a standalone mower, you can find an upgraded model for $251.

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Worx Landroid S 20V robotic lawn mower within post for Bluetti AC200L Portable power station with 200W solar panel

Other new Green Deals landing this week

The savings this week are also continuing to a collection of other markdowns. To the same tune as the offers above, these all help you take a more energy-conscious approach to your routine. Winter means you can lock in even better off-season price cuts on electric tools for the lawn while saving on EVs and tons of other gear.

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