Rivian R2 accessories include revamped kitchen, tent, bike rack, more


Along with the Rivian R2 and surprise R3/R3X, Rivian announced a slew of new and updated accessories that work with the R2 and perhaps more of its vehicles.

First is the integrated Bike racks that we first heard about in the leak. We still have a lot to learn on these like how to mount a bike to this and will they work with Rivian’s upcoming e-bikes?

Next up, it looks like a open to storage accessory which should allow it to function like a mini pickup truck.

I also spy some little wheels on the bottom (below)which means you could take this right into home depot and load up there and wheel out to the R2. NICE

Next up, a rooftop tent that folds into a small Thule-type of roof box.

Or maybe that’s just a roof box for skis and snowboards and such?

Perhaps the most anticipated accessory is the follow up to the Camp Kitchen…the new “Compact Kitchen which is rear mounted.

It looks like there’s an induction cooktop, some prep space on top and then some other items down below…

All exciting stuff. We’ll have more news as it develops!

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