Rivian launches new reliability scoring feature to make public EV charging easier


In its latest software update, Rivian added several helpful features to make public charging as easy as possible. A new reliability scoring feature is now available on every R1S and R1T to show the most reliable fast chargers on your trip.

Rivian adds new reliability scoring feature in new update

Rivian, like Tesla, built its vehicles from the ground up with a focus on software. Although it can be costly, Rivian uses it as an advantage as it expands the brand.

With a fully integrated software stack, Rivian can quickly update and add new features without having to cross platforms.

The EV maker has consistently improved its vehicles with new software updates to add features (like camp and snow mode), improve navigation, add range, improve ride quality, and just about anything else you can think of.

In its latest update, Rivian added a new reliability scoring feature, or what it calls an “industry first.”

Rivian drivers can now see how reliable a fast charger is based on real-world experiences. Its trip planner also uses data from its connected fleet to route drivers to the most reliable chargers to avoid delays.

(Source: Rivian)

When you plug into a fast charger on any network (including Tesla’s Superchargers), your vehicle logs important data like the charger’s average top speed, payment success, and the success of the overall session.

As enough data gets logged, Rivian uses those factors to assign a reliability score from A (highest) to F (lowest).

(Source: Rivian)

Rivian’s navigation uses the best driving route on long-distance trips based on your desired arrival time and preferred charging networks.

It will prioritize fast-charging sites with better scores to ensure a smooth trip. When possible, it will route you to “A” and “B” ranked sites. However, if none are available, the best option will be offered.

To see a charging site score, tap the charging site icon from within the map on the vehicle’s center display, in the trip planner, or on the Rivian app.

There, you can see the charging network, the site’s maximum sharing speed, and real-time info on how many chargers are available. If you tap the arrow next to the network name, you can view the average top charging speed, site details, pricing, and hours of operation.

Some fast-charging sites have yet to receive a score, but as more data is collected, Rivian plans to assign scores to all sites that Rivian vehicles can use.

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