Rivian adapters arrive in April, enable Tesla Supercharger waypoints


Rivian adapters arrive in April, enable Tesla Supercharger waypoints

Rivian will begin shipping free North American Charging Standard (NACS) adapters to customers in April, giving them access to over 15,000 Tesla Supercharger fast-charging stations across North America, the automaker announced Monday.

Compatible Supercharger sites will be added to roughly 16,000 pubic chargers customers already have access to, according to Rivian. Like those chargers, Superchargers will appear in Rivian trip planning searches, with charge rates and availability listed.

Rivian NACS adapter

Rivian also confirmed that customers will be able to use Plug & Charge for billing at Supercharger stations. That means customers can simply plug in and the system will automatically bill their accounts. While existing owners will need an adapter to charge at Supercharger stations, Rivian plans to incorporate NACS ports into new vehicles starting in 2025.

Meanwhile, the automaker continues to build out its own Rivian Adventure Network for customers. The automaker said the network is still in the “initial phase” of the build-out, with 424 connectors available at 70 sites across 22 states. Charging was offered for free to owners up until late last year, when Rivian started billing for it.

Rivian NACS adapter

Rivian NACS adapter

Ford was in the lead in the trend of Tesla NACS adoption, becoming the first major automaker to announce it, in May 2023. Drivers of Ford EVs are already starting to receive Tesla charge-port adapters. Nearly every other major automaker has announced plans to incorporate the NACS charge port, with most still yet to ship adapters.

Rivian introduced its mass-market SUV, the R2, along with the R3 and R3X compact EVs, earlier this month. Both aren’t due to arrive for several years but will include native NACS charge ports.

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