Revoy electric trailer rolls into Trucking with Clean Fuels Conference


Revoy electric trailer rolls into Trucking with Clean Fuels Conference

Revoy EV’s electric trailer promises to make electrifying your OTR trucking fleet easy and cost-effective, and this one just pulled into the Port of Stockton ahead of the 2024 Trucking with Clean Fuels Conference.

By packing batteries and an electric drive axle into a tandem trailer that fits between a conventional semi truck and trailer, Revoy EV claims it can “electrify” a diesel truck fleet quickly and easily, effectively cutting a fleet’s fuel bill in half. When we covered the concept last month, we had lots of questions about the practicality of what was, essentially, a 22,000 lb. powered axle – but that hasn’t stopped the concept from getting a ton of attention.

If you’re one of the many people who wants to learn more about the Revoy EV concept, a video posted to LinkedIn by Ollie Danner seems to indicate that you’re about to get your chance at the Trucking With Clean Fuels conference.

The conference kicks off this Thursday, February 29th, and promises to deliver “the largest Zero Emission Convoy in the US, featuring an impressive lineup of over 30 cutting-edge Zero Emission commercial vehicles, including electric and hydrogen-powered trucks, from pick-ups to Class 8 semi trucks.”

The event is being supported by CALSTART, a nonprofit organization working with businesses and governments to help decarbonize transportation, and the San Joaquin Valley Clean Cities Coalition, an initiative under the US Department of Energy (DOE) Clean Cities program dedicated to reducing petroleum use in transportation.

Electrek’s Take

We still have a ton of questions about the Revoy EV. Will its weight and negative impact on GVWR be too much of an obstacle for the fuel savings to overcome? Will its roll in depleted/roll out full model work at scale? With two “swap stations” already up and running in Texas and Arkansas (where drivers can pull into the station, be greeted by a Revoy attendant, then swap out their spent battery “in about five minutes”) is California going to be far behind?

That all remains to be seen – but if being seen is important to your business’ ESG goals, the Revoy EV is definitely visible.

I talked about the Revoy EV a few weeks ago on The Heavy Equipment Podcast with my co-host, Mike Switzer, who manages several hundred vehicle assets across several states. Surprisingly, he’d already seen a few pictures of a Revoy in the wild, when one of his drivers passed one on the road (about 7:30 in). You can check that out below, and let us know what you think of Revoy’s chances in the comments.

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