Revamp Moto triumphs at Seed Startup Pitch in AIM Congress 2024, Abu Dhabi | Autocar Professional


Revamp Moto, a leading modular electric two-wheeler manufacturer based in India, has announced its victory as the first prize winner at the Seed Startup Pitch during the AIM Congress 2024 held in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates (UAE). Amongst 15 prominent startups participating in AIM 2024, Revamp Moto was awarded USD 15,000 (approximately Rs 12.5 lakh) in financial assistance.

The AIM Congress 2024 convened industry leaders, policymakers, and innovators worldwide from May 6-9, 2024. Focused on sustainable investment strategies, economic forecasts, and emerging investment opportunities, the congress aimed to foster strategic discussions and facilitate partnerships to address critical challenges faced by entrepreneurs.

Jayesh Tope, Co-founder of Revamp Moto, expressed “The recognition in front of global visionaries at the AIM Congress 2024 is a significant milestone in the journey of Revamp Moto. It is a testament to the innovation that drives us on the path of excellence. Our constant hard work is pushing boundaries every day, and this recognition will help us to propel our innovation further to create a greener future in the world. The valuable insights discussed here over international market expansion is something we need to contemplate and I am sure these will be the first of the many steps we take to establish Revamp Moto’s reliability on the map”

Supported by the Ministry of Industry and Advanced Technology, UAE, and the Abu Dhabi Department of Economic Development, the event drew ministers, international policymakers, and government representatives from various countries. Panel discussions and keynote speeches addressed sophisticated trends and challenges in the global startup landscape.

The knowledge and insights garnered at the AIM Congress will enable Revamp Moto to operate and scale more effectively in the electric two-wheeler domain in India. The company’s recent expansion into serving Indian cultivators in agriculture underscores its commitment to diversifying its offerings. Presently, Revamp Moto is undergoing phase 1 expansion to enhance customer experience in western India. With its innovative two-wheeler models, the RM Mitra and RM Buddie 25, receiving positive feedback, the recognition at the AIM Congress will further bolster its ability to serve its customers efficiently, Revamp Moto shared.

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