Reise Moto forays into brick-and-mortar format by opening flagship gear store | Autocar Professional


Reise Moto forays into brick-and-mortar format by opening flagship gear store | Autocar Professional

Over the last year and a half, Reise Moto has built a name for itself as a tyre manufacturer catering to off-road riding enthusiasts. However, the company has significantly widened its appeal by foraging into riding gear and accessories. 



Yogesh Mahansaria, Founder and MD of Reise Moto says that the company aims to be a one-stop solution for motorcycle enthusiasts, and that’s the intention behind this new store. Situated in a 2,200-square-foot establishment in Andheri West, this store has over 20 brands on sale. 



Premium international players like Acerbis, Airoh, Ixon, Spidi, and Tucano Urbano are among these. This collection of brands gives the Reise Moto store a range of products covering off-road, sport, and urban riding. The store also retails products from premium Indian gear brands like Viaterra.


Reise Moto’s complete motorcycle tyre range is also available in the store. These tyres result from a joint venture between the Mahansaria Group and the European brand Mitas. Click here to read our experience with the Reise TrailR 50/50 tyres. Reise also manufactures tyres for Mitas in India, now accounting for around 70 per cent of Mitas’ total production. 



The company recently introduced a customisation option where if you order (specific tyre models) from their website, the customer can have up to 14 characters of their choice printed on the sidewall. Reise says it plans to open two more outlets this year in Delhi and Bengaluru, but finding an appropriate location is pending. 

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