REE’s P7-C becomes first ‘x-by-wire’ EV certified in US, may qualify for up to $100k in incentives


Two years after first announcing its P7 EV platform, REE Automotive has achieved US certification for the first-ever vehicle that operates entirely through steer-by-wire, brake-by-wire, and drive-by-wire technology. Following the achievement, REE has begun deliveries of its P7-C electric truck.

REE Automotive, Inc.’s ($REE) most recent milestone comes during a busy news week during CES 2024. It was two years ago at CES 2022 when the EV startup first introduced its modular P7 platform, designed with fleets in mind – particularly delivery operators in the US.

Since then, we’ve seen the company unveil a novel Class 3 box truck called the P7-B, lock in a battery supplier, and introduce an additional REE EV called the P7-C. In the last six months of 2023, REE was garnering huge customer interest for its incoming EVs, and as of its Q3 2023 earnings, its books were valued at over $40 million in binding orders.

Around the same time as that news, REE stated that EPA certification and confirmed Federal Motor  Vehicle Safety Standards (FMVSS) certification-feasibility of its x-by-wire system in the P7 platform was underway, and it remained on track to begin its first EV deliveries before the end of 2023.

Now, eleven days into 2024, REE has confirmed initial deliveries of its P7-C chassis cab following EPA and FMVSS certification in the US – the first full x-by-wire EV to do so.

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REE completes first deliveries of P7-C EV

This morning, the EV startup shared that demonstration models of its P7-C chassis cab, equipped with REE’s proprietary REEcorner and x-by-wire technology, have begun making their way to its authorized dealer network, starting with Pritchard EV in Iowa.

Initial deliveries began now that REE has become the first company ever to certify a full steer-by-wire, brake-by-wire, and drive-by-wire vehicle, offering a modular design, fewer parts, and maintenance, plus a shorter time to market.

REE now looks to its dealership network to get its P7 platform out in front of fleet customers in the US, beginning with the P7-C. Per REE co-founder and CEO Daniel Barel:

I believe our REEcorner is a true gamechanger, allowing us to build electric trucks that fleets  will want to buy, and drivers will love to drive as we continue to see a strong demand for our  work trucks. I am incredibly proud  of team REE for completing certification of the automotive industry’s first ever fully x-by-wire  vehicle. Our customers have been eagerly waiting for our vehicles to be ready to deliver and  now our first demo trucks are on their way to dealerships for customer evaluations.

With dealer deliveries underway, REE stated that its P7-C EV is eligible for the IRS’ Commercial Clean Vehicle Tax Credit in the US, enabling a tax credit of up to $40,000 per vehicle. Furthermore, the startup said it is also in the process of obtaining approved eligibility for various state incentives, which could bolster total incentives of over $100,000 per vehicle, depending on where that customer resides.

Following initial P7-C deliveries to Pritchard EV, REE says additional authorized dealers and leading fleet customers will receive demonstration vehicles in the coming weeks.  

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