PowerHouse by Qmerit simplifies home electrification process and offers bidirectional capabilities


Noted energy solutions provider Qmerit has just announced a new suite of home electrification technologies and integration services that offer less grid dependency and potential monetary benefits. “Powerhouse by Qmerit” can help streamline the power equipment acquisition and installation process and combine everything into one holistic system, complete with vehicle-to-home capabilities.

Qmerit is one of North America’s top EV charger and energy management systems providers, and it operates through a network of company-owned contractors, independent certified solutions partners, and certified installers.

Furthermore, Qmerit has partnerships with some of the world’s biggest automakers, including GM, Mercedes-Benz, Rivian, and Hyundai Motor Group.

In the past, Qmerit has been a trusted partner in installing EV chargers and home power systems for OEMs, but its latest portfolio includes a new bundle of home electrification solutions that can be customized to your residential needs, regardless of the BEV you drive.

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PowerHouse by Qmerit combines all home power systems

According to a company release, PowerHouse by Qmerit will provide homeowners with advanced energy technologies that can offer emergency backup power, monetary benefits, and the ability to power their homes using their BEV via vehicle-to-home (V2H) bidirectional charging.

The new service offers a consumer-friendly form that residential customers and contractors building new homes can access to study and select the best electrification products to fit their energy needs, including options like EV chargers, solar panels, energy storage, load centers, heat pumps, and other related components.

In addition to alleviating the headaches caused by trying to determine what equipment is required, where to get it, and who will install it, PowerHouse by Qmerit can scan pricing from thousands of completed electrification installations across North America to provide the best quotes within market ranges that also consider regional variability. Per Qmerit CEO Tracy K. Price:

America has arrived at an inflection point in which all of the technical, policy and financial elements are in place to support a societal shift toward whole-home electrification. Now what’s needed is a comprehensive way to assemble these complex elements into a simple, financeable, home-energy retrofit that makes it easier to implement. That’s exactly what PowerHouse by Qmerit brings to the marketplace.

Qmerit says its new bundling program will also flag the potential for federal, state, and local incentives that can reduce the upfront costs of home installations and even help consumers explore savings and income-generating opportunities with their local utility companies.

You can learn more at Qmerit.com.

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