Potain reveals first Evy self-erecting electric crane


Potain reveals first Evy self-erecting electric crane

This new self-erecting crane model marks the launch of the new “Evy” range from French manufacturer Potain. This range is specifically designed for building projects up to three stories tall and to comply with the updated European Safety Standard EN 14439, which establishes standardized safety guidelines for climbing tower cranes.

Most of the tower cranes you see used on construction job sites are electric, and powered by grid service electricity. French manufacturer Potain is no exception – and, in fact, only manufactures electric cranes.

What sets the new Evy 30-23 4 t model crane apart isn’t just its electric power but rather the distinction of being the first Potain product developed through the brand’s Voice of the Customer product development process. This innovative approach ensures that the crane is tailored to meet customers’ specific demands, focusing on simplifying job site setup and maximizing height under the hook.

In line with its customers demands, the new Evy line introduces a straightforward “self-erecting” setup process, reducing the need for extensive manual operation compared to similar cranes. With an impressive 4-ton maximum lifting capacity (denoted by the “4 t” in “Evy 30-23 4 t”) and a 1-ton capacity at the tip of a 30-meter jib (representing the “30”), which can be conveniently shortened to 24 meters (“24”) as required. This feature enables the precise handling of heavy loads within a practical radius.

Transporting the new Evy is similarly easy, thanks to a compact design that’s compatible with existing trailers and that, when folded, can be hauled on its own at 15 mph, or as a semi-trailer at speeds up to 50 mph.

Potain Connect telematics

Potain Evy 30 24 4t crane; via Equipment Journal.

The Evy line ships with the Potain CONNECT telematics solution as standard equipment – which the company says,” empowers users to monitor and analyze crane utilization, and allows for both remote control and diagnostics thanks to the Access and Assist applications, promoting greater efficiency and informed decision-making.”

“At Potain, we are driven to deliver innovative solutions that empower our customers,” says Rémi Deporte, the company’s Product Manager. “The Evy 30-23 4 t represents a significant milestone in our commitment to efficiency and ease of use in the construction industry.”

Electrek’s Take

Electric cranes – like electric forklifts, campus golf carts, and power tools – may be old news within the industry, but products like this self-erecting crane help to highlight the important roles that electric construction equipment already have on today’s job sites. Hopefully, they’ll serve as even more food for thought for fleet managers and buyers wondering whether it’s time to go electric.

ProTip: it totally is.

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