Porsche recalls 8,100 units of 911 sportscar in US over faulty windshield


  • A select number of Porsche 911 sportscars have been impacted in the US by the recall owing to a faulty windshield fitment issue.
A select number of Porsche 911 sportscars have been impacted in the US by the recall owing to a faulty windshield fitment issue.

Porsche has recalled 8,100 units of its 911 sportscars in the US owing to a faulty windshield fitment issue. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has stated in an official announcement that these Porshe 911 sportscars come with faulty windshields that could detach in a crash. The recall documents further stated that the front and rear windows of these Porsche 911 models could have insufficient adhesion.

As of now, the recall for the Porsche 911 models is limited to the US market only. However, it has not been revealed which trims of the 911 model are involved in this recall. The recall document has revealed that the problem lies with the adhesive used to bond front windshields and rear windows to the cars. The document also stated that the problem could be with the circumstances in which the adhesive was used. As per the recall document, some 911s didn’t have surfaces completely clear of residue at the time of installation at the manufacturing plant, which resulted in a weaker adhesive bond.

The German sportscar brand under Volkswagen AG reportedly learned about the issue in November last year. After that, the automaker launched an inspection and found that the lass could become partially detached in the weaker areas. In case a crash occurs, the overall bond between the car’s metal surface and the glass windshield would be severely impacted and the bond could be too weak to hold the windshield in place, resulting in the glass flying away, which could lead to a major mishap.

However, Porsche claims that there were no observed cases of loose glass. The car manufacturer also claimed that it is unaware of any glass coming off, and there are no reports of any accidents or injuries related to this issue. The sports car manufacturer has advised the owners of Porsche 911 models that excessive wind noise or moisture in the car could indicate problem areas. In such a case, the owners have been advised to take their vehicle to the workshops, where front and rear glass will be inspected and replaced if necessary, using new glass treated with an abrasive cleaning process.

Porsche will start notifying the dealers about this recall on 13th March, with customer notification slated to commence on 26th April. The Porsche 911 owners can contact the automaker’s customer service and log in to the dedicated NHTSA recall website to check if their vehicle is covered under this recall or not.

First Published Date: 07 Mar 2024, 09:32 AM IST

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