Porsche is offering Tesla drivers up to $4,500 off the new electric Taycan


If you’ve been eyeing Porsche’s all-electric Taycan, now may be your chance to start shopping. Porsche is offering up to $4,500 off the Taycan EV for those financing or leasing a competitive vehicle, including Tesla.

After launching the Taycan in 2019, Porsche’s first all-electric sports car is already five years old.

Porsche introduced the new 2025MY Taycan, which offers more range, performance, and faster charging. The 2025 Porsche Taycan hits “new heights in terms of performance” and is more efficient on longer trips.

The luxury automaker is deploying a “fast travel” strategy, including shorter charging stops and longer range.

Porsche’s updated Taycan can charge from 10% to 80% in about 18 minutes. The larger battery model can also travel an impressive 365 miles (587 km).

The new Taycan EV is improved in every way, including more powerful batteries, a new thermal management system, and a stylish design upgrade.

Porsche also updated the Taycan’s interior with a new infotainment and instrument screen for usability.

The new 2025 Porsche Taycan (Source: Porsche)

Shortly after, Porsche revealed the new +1,000 hp Taycan Turbo GT, its fastest production car yet. With a 0 to 60 mph sprint in 2.1 seconds, the sporty EV has stolen several Tesla Model S records. Now, Porsche is looking to get its new EV into customers’ hands.

Porsche offers Tesla drivers discounts for the Taycan EV

After expanding its Porsche Conquest Lease Program this month, the automaker is offering up to $4,500 off a new Taycan for those financing or leasing a competitive model, such as a Tesla.

The Welcome to Porsche Program is now available on new 2024 and 2025MY Taycan models. You can receive up to three ($1,500) payments on your current lease, for a total of $4,500 to buy a new Taycan.

Porsche Taycan Turbo GT (Source: Porsche AG)

The credit you receive is based on the number of days you have until maturity. If you have between 31 and 60 days left, you get one credit worth $1,500.

You will get two credits ($3,000) for 61 to 90 days, while those with 91 to 190 days will get the full three credits worth $4,500.

2025 Porsche Taycan trim Starting Price
(not including $1,995 destination fee)
Taycan $99,400
Taycan 4S $118,500
Taycan Turbo $173,600
Taycan Turbo S $209,000
Taycan 4 Cross Turismo $111,100
Taycan 4S Cross Turismo $125,200
Taycan Turbo Cross Turismo $176,300
Taycan Turbo S Cross Turismo $211,700
2025 Porsche Taycan prices and trims

The new 2025 Porsche Taycan starts at $99,400 (not including destination), with prices running upwards of $211,700 for the Turbo S Cross Turismo model.

Porsche is offering the new Taycan deal for those leasing competitive models, like a Tesla. The deal is specifically designed to boost demand for its all-electric sports car.

2025 Porsche Taycan interior (Source: Porsche)

With the product cycle ending, Porsche delivered 4,236 Taycan models in the first quarter, down 45% compared to Q1 2023.

The offer comes after Porsche kicked off production of its second all-electric vehicle, the Macan EV, last month.

If you’re ready to take advantage of Porsche’s new Taycan offer, we can help you get started. You can use our link to find deals on 2024 and 2025 Porsche Taycan models at a dealer near you.

Source: CarsDirect, Porsche

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