Planet Electric claims industry-first weight sensor telematics system, gears up for June EV launch | Autocar Professional


Plant Electric, a Delhi-based upcoming e-mobility startup is gearing up to launch its first electric vehicle, potentially in June this year.  

The company, spearheaded by two ex-ISRO (Indian Space Research Organisation) engineers, will have weight sensors integrated into the vehicle’s telematics system. This technology promises real-time updates on cargo weight and the corresponding impact on the vehicle’s driving range.

This built-in weight tracking system holds significant potential for enhancing the operational efficiency of logistics in the EV segment. By offering real-time data on cargo weight and its influence on the range, the company aims to optimise loading capacity and plan routes more effectively. This can translate into substantial cost savings and improved logistics management for businesses. 

Gagan Agrawal, Co-founder and CEO at Planet Electric said, “Planet Electric will be the first in the industry to put weight sensors or load cells in the cargo box, which means as the parcels come in and go out, we know exactly what the weight is and we know exactly what the range is.” 

He further added this would help the fleet operator, financier and insurer to gauge how the battery is performing, which is ‘critical for these vehicles’. 

Agrawal also stated that they could predict inconsistencies such as a fluctuation in temperatures, and do software upgrades accordingly. 

Talking about the operational details, Agrawal highlighted that to keep its supply chain ‘rock-solid’, Planet Electric has been able to build suply chain backups. “Whether it is a battery system or a motor system, we have some excellent partners in the supply chain along with obtaining VCU from Dorle Controls, a Michigan and Pune-based company,” he noted. 

















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