Pivotal begins US sales of the Helix – a light eVTOL that doesn’t require FAA pilot certification


Following the debut of the production-intent design of its Helix light eVTOL, electric aviation startup Pivotal has begun selling the personal aircraft in the US. The Helix is unique in that it does not require FAA pilot certification, opening the skies to a larger pool of potential customers… if they have the money.

Pivotal is a light eVTOL specialist based in Palo Alto, California, that gained notoriety in the industry on the wings of its BlackFly aircraft. We covered that vessel’s development when Pivotal was still operating as Opener.aero, only recently changing its name to Pivotal in October 2023.

Alongside news of its rebranding, Pivotal also introduced the Helix – the company’s fourth-generation platform light eVTOL aircraft, featuring much of the same technology as its BlackFly predecessor but with several improvements.

As Pivotal’s first scalable production aircraft, Helix offers US customers who perhaps dreamt of being a pilot a viable option to take flight. Although the Helix eVTOL complies with the FAA’s Part 103 (Ultralight) category, it does not require a pilot’s license.

That being said, its creators do require any and all eVTOL pilots to undergo comprehensive flight training, which it provides. Furthermore, Helix owners are limited to non-congested areas only and must stay well clear of any airports.

During the debut of the Helix last fall, we learned that US sales would begin in early January. This evening, Pivotal shared that its order books for the Helix light eVTOL are now open.

Helix eVTOL
Source: Pivotal

Helix eVTOL goes on sale ahead of summer deliveries

Beginning today, interested US customers can order their own personal Helix eVTOL from Pivotal, starting at $190,000 (before taxes, delivery, and other fees). We’ve learned that the Helix will come available in three separate packages of varying customizations and added features:

  • Package 1 – Includes white and carbon fiber exterior finish, digital flight panel, canopy, HD landing camera, charger, vehicle cart, custom marking, comprehensive pilot training, and warranty. Base price – $190,000.
  • Package 2 – Includes gloss white and striped carbon fiber exterior finish and the features above, plus a trailer with a dual-wing cart, a 4K landing camera with recording and sharing features, ADS-B air traffic system, two chargers, and an enhanced warranty. Base price – $240,000.
  • Package 3 – Includes exterior in gloss white, carbon fiber, plus a custom accent color and includes the features above, plus a premium flight deck, three chargers, beacon aircraft lights, emergency locator transmitter, one additional training slot for a friend or family member, and the option to fully customize the exterior at an additional cost. Base price – $260,000.

Pivotal states that its Helix light eVTOL is easily transportable and can fit inside a 16-foot trailer when disassembled. When future owners are ready to soar, the Helix can be assembled and prepared for flight in 30 minutes. Pivotal CEO Ken Karklin spoke about today’s eVTOL milestone:

We’re proud to begin selling, and soon delivering, our Helix aircraft. The market is ready for the wonder of aerial recreation and short-hop eVTOL travel. We are ready to provide the beauty and freedom of personal flight to a whole lot of people with a passion for flying and an interest in creating a new generation of aviators and aviation

US customers can secure a pre-order of a Helix light eVTOL with a non-refundable $250 application fee. From there, prospective buyers must put down $50,000 to reserve a production slot and will be able to schedule their mandatory flight training from there.

Initial Helix deliveries are expected to begin on June 10, 2024. Check out some Helix pilots experiencing the joy of eVTOL flight in Pivotal’s video below.

Source: Pivotal

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