Penske Truck Leasing to offer REE Automotive P7-C electric trucks – Charged EVs


UK-headquartered EV developer and manufacturer REE Automotive has announced that Penske Truck Leasing will begin offering REE P7-C electric trucks to customers for demos and orders.

REE’s technology, REEcorner, combines steering, braking, suspension, powertrain and control components into a single module positioned between the chassis and the wheel, allowing companies to build EVs in a range of shapes and sizes on these platforms.

The P7-C is an FMVSS-certified full by-wire EV with all-wheel steer and all-wheel drive. It provides a range of up to 169 miles. The truck features a driver-centric cab upfitted with a 16-foot Wabash DuraPlate body with ramp.

“We are working on additional P7-C configurations to maximize utilization within Penske’s large product offering,” said Daniel Barel, CEO and co-founder of REE Automotive. “By partnering with Wabash for this upfit, we believe that we were able to meet [Penske’s] requirements as well as expand our roster of upfitters that can seamlessly integrate with REE’s platforms.”

Source: REE

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