Pedego Moto puts the ‘fun’ in functional transportation


Pedego announced a slew of big new bikes this month, and we got to try out our favorite, the Pedego Moto. This brawny, two-person, class 2/3 beast leaves its competitors in the dust in so many ways. As Micah would say, “Let’s check it out…”

We’ve talked about Pedego a ton here at Electrek, but it bears repeating. No other bike company is doing more to get Americans onto e-bikes. With their excellent brick-and-mortar stores, many, if not most, Americans’ first e-bike experience is renting or trying an e-bike at a Pedego store. And because Pedego stores and e-bikes are top-notch, those experiences are almost entirely good first impressions.

I have a store in my local town, and it is the go-to place to pick up bike accessories, get a quick tuneup, or fix something (on any bike!) . It is also a great place to meet like-minded bike riders. They often sponsor local bike rides and encourage train tourists to visit our town and see it on an e-bike, which is better for everyone than driving a car.

Pedego Moto

The Pedego Moto, at first glance, will remind you of a Juiced Scorpion or the many other copycats that came along in the years since it was introduced. I’m here to say this thing is different in a number of important ways.

The most obvious is that it is much bigger, and its seat is long enough to carry a second passenger without modifications. The 2nd rider foot pegs come with the bike in its default configuration. That stretched seat also lets taller riders slide back for that sweet leg extension when actually pedaling, which on the Moto, I found quite easy. That tapered seat, while comfy for long rides, also tapers at the front to allow easy pedaling.

Also, components are almost universally better, including turn signals, larger 210mm hydraulic brakes, and huge 20-inch wheels that will go off-road much better than others in this class. SRAM gears are going to last a lot longer than the Shimano Altus setup that many of these bikes have. And just look at those burley tires.

The battery is 922Wh at 48V which will power the bike for up to 75 miles according to Pedego but more typically about 40 at near full power with little pedalling. I don’t like that it is a proprietary connector but it fast charges the battery at 5A. I was genuinely shocked how far I could ride with just small battery drops and it will last weeks in between charges if you want it to.

Pedego has revolutionized unboxing!

Like the taller boxes we saw at Upway, Pedego is now using a taller box that allows it only to require screwing in pedals and adjusting/tightening the handlebars. Including removing the tape and bubble wrap, you can be riding the Pedego Moto within 5 minutes of opening the box.

While most Pedegos will be purchased (and tuned up) at stores, this makes the process easier for Pedego technicians and direct-to-consumer customers as well.

There’s no heavy front wheel to put on, cables to plug in, or other stuff to install. Most e-bikes take me at least a half hour to assemble and often more than an hour. Pedogo Moto? I was riding within minutes of the box being delivered. The battery came more than half charged and that was good for a day of play.

Moto Experience

Pedego bikes, though they come in all shapes and sizes generally follow a standard Class 2 system that allows the bike to go up to 20 miles/hour on throttle or pedal assist. Some of their bikes, including the Moto, can be enabled to go class 3, which is up to 28 miles per hour. However, this is only pedal assist, the throttle will stop applying power at 20mph.

This allows pedego bikes to be legal in the largest number of areas while also allowing a speedy 28mph option. In reality, the large size of the bike will put pedal-assist riding at about 25 mph, in my experience. Still quite fast for such a big bike with huge tires.

Other bike companies, including Pedego’s competitors, have various flavors of “off-road mode,” which allow the motors to spin at any speed but also make them illegal in many jurisdictions.

I found the Moto to be a great ride both on the road and on gravel. Those huge tires and soft suspension eat up those potholes like no one’s business. And, even with a passenger in the back, there’s no stopping the powerful 85nm torque motor in the back.

The Moto is best for cruising and riding around town. There it excels and turns some heads, especially in this blue variety.

Moto Safety

While this bike is large, it turns quite well with admirable wheel balance and a solid front fork.

The front light not only lets oncoming cars see the Moto well at night but it also illuminates the road well enough to ride without concern. Those big hydraulic brakes on 210mm discs are also great at stopping this big bike in its tracks.

The step-over nature of the bike makes it easy to get on and off, especially with packages or another rider on the back.

Maybe the most underrated safety item is the turn signals, which I think Pedego has done well, especially in the user interface department. But the backlight is hidden a little too far under the rear seat and is typically small for an e-bike. Still, drivers and riders will almost always see the bright light when at a medium-length distance away.

Pedego Moto Price

This is a Burley bike, and Pedego has to keep its brick-and-mortar stores going, so the price may surprise those used to fly-by-night dropship prices. It is $3995. Yes, it is a lot, but you get a lot, including white glove service and actual local people there to help out when things go wrong.

Electrek’s take

I like all 3 of Pedego’s new e-bikes and if you’ve got the cash, these e-bikes are built to last and a ton of fun. The Moto isn’t light but it rides like a much more svelt e-bike and is even great for carrying 2 people!

The Petego Moto in Black, thanks to Riley at the awesome local Croton Pedego store

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