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Creatara Mobility Pvt Ltd, a New Delhi-based startup, was founded in 2018 by two IIT Delhi graduates, Vikas Gupta and Ringlarei Pamei. The company aims to address the challenges of electric vehicle adoption in the two-wheeler space, particularly focusing on safety concerns, range anxiety, and perceived compromises in design and performance.

To kickstart their venture, Creatara Mobility secured funding through a combination of seed funding, angel investments, and strategic partnerships. They leveraged resources from IIT Delhi and tapped into various governmental grant schemes such as those offered by the Department of Science and Technology and the Ministry of Heavy Industry. These funds were primarily allocated for product development and research and development (R&D) efforts.

After several years of groundwork, the company recently announced the completion of pre-production models of their 72V battery-powered lifestyle e2ws.

Your company was created in 2018 and in 2023 you have showcased two production-ready electric scooter prototypes — the VS4 and VM4. Have these products actually been launched?

The VS4 and VM4 prototypes have been soft launched and they are currently in the final stages of production. We are gearing up for an official launch of the e-scooters in the coming months.

What is the company’s retail model based on?

Our retail model is focused on creating a seamless customer experience incorporating both online sales channels and strategic partnerships with dealerships for offline presence and customer support.

How are you going to market these e2wheelers?

We plan to market our e2wheelers through a mix of digital marketing campaigns, community building and experiential events, strategic partnerships with influencers,and collaborations with eco-friendly and sustainable initiatives.

Which are your core markets?

Our core markets initially are urban Indian cities with a strong demand for customised mobility solutions, starting with Tier 1 cities in India.

Tell us more about the products. How were they conceived? Where was the design done and how were the engineering aspects developed? Are the specifications the same as the pre-production prototypes?

The conception and design of our products were meticulously crafted by our in-house design team in collaboration with external design experts. Engineering aspects were developed in-house to ensure quality and performance. The specifications of the final products will be further refined versions of the pre-production prototypes with improvements based on extensive testing and user feedback.

Who are your technology partners?

We have strategic partnerships with leading technology companies and suppliers for components like batteries, motors, and electronic systems. However, we are continuously exploring new partnerships to enhance our technological capabilities.

Is it a 100% made in India product?

Absolutely! Our products are proudly 100% designed and made in India, reflecting our commitment to supporting local manufacturing and innovation.

Are the batteries in the e2ws supplied or are you building them in-house along with the BMS system?

We use high-quality lithium-ion batteries sourced from reputed suppliers. While we don’t manufacture batteries in-house, we work closely with our partners to ensure compatibility and performance, including proprietary developed
Battery Management Systems.

What’s the price bracket and could you share some details of variants, if any?

The price bracket and details of the variants will be disclosed closer to the official launch date, taking into consideration market dynamics. We will pitch them at competitive pricing strategies.

Customers purchasing e2ws are either lifestyle experience seekers or commercial users like the last mobility solution providers. Where does your product range slot in and how?

Our product range caters to both lifestyle experience seekers and commercial users, offering a blend of style, performance, and practicality. We provide solutions that appeal to our urban commuters, as well as businesses looking for eco-friendly fleet options.

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