Optiphase and Opal-RT collaborate on real-time simulation for 5-phase EV motors – Charged EVs


Optiphase Drive Systems and OPAL-RT, a specialist in simulation and hardware-in-the-loop testing, have formed a strategic alliance to offer real-time simulation capabilities for vehicle designers that integrate Optiphase’s 5-phase electric motor and drive system.

Optiphase says it developed its 5-phase electric power and control technologies to overcome the limitations and workarounds inherent to 3-phase systems. “When you look at the research and testing data, 5 phases provide the optimal balance of power and reliability with minimized cost and complexity,” said Siavash Sadeghi, CTO for Optiphase. “Even the most innovative 3-phase systems in the market today still use technology from the last century and require redundancy, stacking, or other workarounds to meet the demanding requirements of advanced vehicles.”

Optiphase designs offer outputs from <5 kW to over +1 MW, specific power in excess of 8 kW/kg, and shaft speeds from 1,000 RPM to over 100,000 RPM.

“This collaboration unlocks greater access for advanced vehicle designers to the groundbreaking advantages of 5-phase electric motor technology,” said Daniel Vicario, CEO of Optiphase.

Source: Optiphase Drive Systems

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