Oomph’s new Powerstream mobile rapid DC charger – Charged EVs


Oomph’s new Powerstream mobile rapid DC charger – Charged EVs

British EV charging technology company Oomph has introduced the new Powerstream mobile 30 kW DC charger.

The Powerstream is portable, and requires no installation. It’s aimed at applications in which fixed chargers are not an appropriate solution and at locations where deploying fixed charging infrastructure would require long installation times, high utility and groundwork costs, and/or significant site disruption.

The Powerstream is suited to either temporary or permanent deployment. It operates as a DC in/DC out mobile energy storage device, and can be mounted in the back of a light commercial vehicles (LCV) or manually wheeled around. 

According to Oomph, the unit recharges as fast as it discharges energy. Real-time GPS tracking and remote monitoring allow users to locate units and monitor performance parameters.

The company says it is “setting up a UK-based manufacturing route.”

“We see mobile rapid chargers and fixed chargers as complementary parts of the EV infrastructure,” said Oomph CEO Marc Ottolini. “In a sector that is experiencing rapid growth and change, we believe it is vital that solutions exist that can be implemented quickly, with low risk and without breaking the bank.”

Source: Oomph

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