Ohio supercharges its EV network with second round of NEVI charging stations


Ohio, the first state to install a federally funded DC fast charger, leads again with NEVI rollouts, but its EV incentives are still nonexistent.

Ohio’s NEVI DC fast charger rollout

Ohio will award nearly $16 million to install 22 new DC fast-charging stations along federally designated EV corridors on interstates, state routes, and US routes.

Republican governor Mike DeWine is awarding Ohio’s DC fast charger funding as part of round 2 of the Biden-Harris administration’s National Electric Vehicle Infrastructure (NEVI) Program.

Ohio announced the first round of EV charger locations in July 2023, which was followed by a first-in-the-US groundbreaking in October 2023. In December 2023, the US’s first NEVI station opened along I-70 at US 42 in Madison County.

The federal NEVI program allocates $5 billion over five years to help US states create a network of EV charging stations. The funding comes from the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law.

The NEVI program requires EV charging stations to be available every 50 miles and within one travel mile of the Alternative Fuel Corridor. EV charging stations must include at least four ports with connectors capable of simultaneously charging four EVs at 150 kilowatts (kW) each, with a total station power capacity of 600 kW or more.

The charging stations must have 24-hour public accessibility and provide amenities like restrooms, food and beverage, and shelter.

Governor DeWine (R-OH) said, “As more electric cars and trucks make their way to Ohio roadways, we’re continuing to build the infrastructure needed to enable easy and convenient travel.”

Round two NEVI funding will go toward EV chargers on I-270, I-275, I-675, I-680, I-71, I-76, I-77, SR 15, US 23, US 30, and US 33, where the stars are on the map below:

The $16 million NEVI funding will be matched with more than $4 million from the private companies selected to install and operate the new EV charging stations, including Electric Era, Francis Energy Charging, Jule, Love’s Travel Stops, Meijer, Red E Charging, Sheetz, EVgo, and United Dairy Farmers. Winning proposals include site plans at existing shopping centers, grocery stores, gas stations, restaurants, hotels, and a bowling alley.

According to the Joint Office of Energy and Transportation, Ohio presently has 1,695 EV stations and 3,884 charging ports.

Electrek’s Take

“This milestone keeps Ohio at the forefront of transportation innovation, fulfilling our mission to position ODOT for the future,” said Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) Director Jack Marchbanks. (DriveOhio, a division of ODOT, runs Ohio’s NEVI program.)

Well, sort of at the “forefront,” but not quite. As I’ve pointed out before, Ohio has one of the highest registration fees in the US for BEV and hybrid vehicles. It offers no state tax credit or any other incentives for EV purchases, and it doesn’t do HOV lanes.

The annual registration fee in the state for all passenger vehicles is $31. If you drive hybrid, you have to pay an extra $100 a year. And if you drive a BEV, then you have to pay an extra $200 a year. If you drive a gas car, it’s zero extra charge. That means BEV drivers pay nearly seven times more to register their car than gas car drivers.

So it’s created a situation where buying or leasing an EV is more expensive upfront than other states. But hey, at least Ohioans will be able to find DC fast chargers easily.

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