NovaCHARGE adds cloud-based EV charger power management – Charged EVs


NovaCHARGE has expanded its cloud power management capabilities by introducing Virtual Circuit Technology (VCT) to distribute the load from EV chargers.

VCT provides multi-level power management for utilities, fleets, multi-dwelling units, and any other location with limited available power to control the use of open standard OCPP-compliant chargers using ChargeUP, its charging platform management system.

The technology provides the ability to automatically manage how EV chargers use the power available across different locations throughout the day, allowing more vehicles to charge in places with limited power. It aims to ensure that power demand from the chargers will not exceed the infrastructure’s limitations so that the infrastructure is not overloaded, but power is balanced across the grid as vehicles enter and leave the charging site.

VCT can manage power across multiple configurations, including where EVs are using a local bank of chargers connected to one panel; where vehicles are connected across multiple panels in a building; where vehicles are connected across a campus with a common utility transformer; and where EVs are connected across utility substation feeders.

“With VCT, we are ensuring that more vehicles may charge, and that no EV driver is left stranded due to a lack of infrastructure access. We continue to partner with large utilities, like OUC, on EV charging innovation and are focused on executing our trial of VCT this summer,” said Oscar Rodriguez, CEO of NovaCHARGE.

Source: NovaCHARGE

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