Nissan suggests electric GT-R with solid-state batteries could arrive by 2030


The electric Nissan GT-R we’ve been waiting for may arrive by the end of the decade. Nissan said the 1,300 hp Hyper Force EV concept “gives a glimpse” of what the next electric GT-R could be.

Nissan unveiled the Hyper Force EV concept at the Japan Mobility Show in October. The futuristic-looking electric supercar is designed for racing enthusiasts and those craving the adrenaline rush of a racetrack.

Powered by an all-solid-state battery, Nissan claims the Hyper Force can produce up to 1,341 hp (1,000 kW).

The high-performance EV also includes an advanced form of Nissan’s e-4ORCE, its 4WD tech already featured in the Ariya electric SUV.

On the outside, the Hyper Force resembles a shrunken Tesla Cybertruck mashed with Nissan’s legendary Skyline lineage. It includes wide and bold proportions with a low profile.

Nissan developed the exterior with its NISMO racing team for high aerodynamic performance. A two-tier structure under the hood provides downforce and cooling performance. Meanwhile, a rear diffuser directs airflow.

Nissan Hyper Force EV concept (Source: Nissan)

Other features include active front canards, front fender flips, rear wing ends, and a new plasma actuator that suppresses air to maximize grip.

Although Nissan doesn’t refer to it as the electric GT-R, it does include a blurred “GT-R” logo on the front.

The concept comes in two driving modes: “R,” or racing, and “GT,” for grand touring. Depending on the mode, the interior will adjust lighting and display.

Nissan Hyper Force EV concept (Source: Nissan)

In R mode, the inside features red lightning designed to help focus on performance. The panels pull toward the driver for that cockpit feel while screens display key racing info like power distribution.

GT mode does the opposite. It creates a relaxed feel with blue accent lighting. The steering wheel moves away from the driver, while the infotainment includes a simpler interface.

Nissan Hyper Force EV concept interior in “R” mode (Source: Nissan)

Nissan hints electric GT-R may launch by 2030

Nissan’s program design director, Giovanny Arroba, told Autocar that an electric supercar is possible by the end of the decade despite its bold design.

Although Arroba didn’t refer to it as the electric Nissan GT-R, he pointed out that the logo on the front of the concept was blurred for a reason. He said that it would be revealed but wouldn’t say when we can expect to see it.

Nissan Hyper Force EV concept interior in “GT” mode (Source: Nissan)

When pressed about Nissan building an electric GT-R, Arroba said the concept “gives a glimpse of what it could be.” He added, “The dream is still lucid,” to make it a reality.

Nissan’s program design director said the concept has become a “manifesto” internally and a way to “inspire our company with a tangible dream.”

Arroba said despite some “saying no to an EV supercar,” the response has been quite positive for an electric Nissan GT-R.

Nissan Hyper Force EV concept (Source: Nissan)

Nissan aims to launch an EV with all-solid-state batteries by 2028. If this happens (and that’s a big if), it could pave the way for a high-performance electric GT-R. However, when it arrives, it will likely feature a toned-down design from the concept.

What do you guys think? Do you want to see Nissan launch an electric GT-R? What features should be included or left out? Let us know in the comments.

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