Nio ET9 flagship EV debuts super-fast charging and battery swapping


Nio ET9 flagship EV debuts super-fast charging and battery swapping

Chinese automaker Nio recently unveiled its new flagship EV—a large sedan called the ET9.

Measuring 209.6 inches long (with a 127.9-inch wheelbase), 79.3 inches long, and 63.7 inches tall, the ET9 is just over a foot longer than a Lucid Air. It’s taller as well, but the Lucid is wider. And both cars emphasize fast charging.

Nio opts for 925 volts for its architecture—essentially the same as that of the Air—but with a peak current of 765 amps, with Nio’s own hardware, the automaker claims a peak charge power of 640 kw.

Nio ET9

Nio hasn’t revealed a range estimate, but claims this charging hardware can recover 158 miles of range in just five minutes. And it recently boasted that an ET7 sedan with new battery tech was able to travel 650 miles on a charge in real-world conditions.

The automaker also didn’t release detailed specs. But given that Nio claims its EC7—the flagship of its SUV lineup—is the most aerodynamic SUV in the world, a low drag coefficient is likely.

As with other current Nio models, ET9 owners will also have access to a battery-swapping network. New fourth-generation hardware will lower the time for a battery swap to just three minutes, Nio claims. Geely, the parent of Volvo and Polestar, recently partnered with Nio for a new generation of shared battery swapping tech.

Nio ET9

Nio ET9

While waiting for a battery swap, customers will be able to relax in reclining rear seats equipped with 360-degree tray tables. And while underway, an array of chassis technologies, including steer-by-wire, rear-wheel steering, and active suspension, should ensure a comfortable ride and an easy job for chauffeurs.

The ET9 is currently available for pre-order in China, with the first deliveries expected in 2025. Nio is expanding its footprint in Europe with retail locations and battery-swapping stations in some countries, but it has put plans to enter the U.S. market on hold.

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