Nexeon starts construction of a silicon anode material production site in Korea – Charged EVs


Nexeon, a maker of silicon anode materials for lithium-ion batteries, has begun construction of a commercial production facility in Gunsan, South Korea.

The site is located next to a facility operated by OCI, one of the largest silane gas producers outside China, ensuring a stable and cost-effective source of raw material supply. The dedicated silane pipeline streamlines manufacturing and reduces transportation costs while supporting Nexeon’s sustainability goals. OCI can scale its production alongside Nexeon in response to future market demand.

Nexeon’s second-generation technology allows battery manufacturers to integrate higher silicon content into their production processes without requiring additional capital expenditure.

“By beginning construction on our first commercial production site, we are on track to deliver the benefits of silicon anode materials to the global battery market,” said Scott Brown, CEO of Nexeon.

Source: Nexeon

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