Mullen introduces battery version of PowerUP mobile EV charger – Charged EVs


Mullen introduces battery version of PowerUP mobile EV charger – Charged EVs

US-based commercial EV manufacturer Mullen Automotive has developed a new battery-powered version of its mobile EV charging truck, based on its Class 3 electric cab chassis truck.

The previous version of PowerUP announced in July 2023 used a gasoline Class 5 cab chassis platform and a propane and natural gas power generation unit. Unlike traditional fossil fuel-powered generators, the new version operates with minimal noise pollution, making it suitable for use in noise-sensitive environments.

PowerUP is designed to provide on-demand mobile DC fast charging in situations such as roadside assistance and emergency response where immediate power is required for recharging an EV or for emergency power backup.

The mobile charger is intended to be a scalable battery platform that can be configured to meet various market needs, ranging from 10 kW to 1 MW, and can use new or repurposed battery cells. It features two Level 3 DC fast chargers, each with 60 kW of output. Additional features include 12 V jumper terminals, 20 kW-160 kW AC output, and (optional) solar/wind off-grid power generation and a bidirectional 480 V grid connection.

Mullen is developing PowerUP at its High Energy Facility in Fullerton, California, as part of its plans to build a comprehensive EV ecosystem in the US. The company’s acquisition of battery pack production assets from Romeo Power is helping to accelerate the development of the battery-based PowerUP version.

“The feedback on the initial PowerUP concept was overwhelmingly positive, but the market is clearly looking for a zero-emission solution,” said David Michery, CEO and Chairman of Mullen Automotive. “By leveraging our all-electric Mullen THREE, the new PowerUP delivers recharging at a higher level of scalability and performance while offering zero emissions for both the vehicle and power unit.”

Source: Mullen Automotive

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